Chrishell Stause is treated to an early birthday party by his co-stars

Chrishell Stause is treated like a princess by her Selling Sunset co-stars ahead of her birthday. They enjoyed their time at a fancy restaurant and as always, Stause captured some blissful moments for her 3.8 Instagram followers.

Chrishell Stause arrives for an early birthday dinner with the Selling Sunset co-stars.

Ahead of her 42nd birthday, some of the reality star’s friends, including her Selling Sunset co-stars Emma Hernan and Chelsea Lazkani, took her to an early birthday party.

The soap opera vet looked blissfully happy in a series of PDA-filled pics, while her crew donned super-cute summertime ensembles. The 42-year-old wore a above-the-knee white dress with a halter neckline and side cut-outs to dinner that showcased her slim waist.

Chrishell Stause was treated to an early birthday party by the Selling Sunset co-stars
Instagram | Chrishell Stause

She matched the outfit with golden heels and elegant glamour, with hHer glossy hair was styled in a center part and fell over her shoulder. Emma also attended the celebration in a dress, however her dress was sky blue. The lacy dress had some ruffles on the sides and two tiny straps.

She paired her outfit with white heels and sunglasses. Her blonde hair was styled in a high ponytail. Chelsea opted for a silver two-piece outfit consisting of a crop top and flowy skirts. She, too, wore a parasol, but wore glass heels.

In the only clip the real estate agent released, the friends were each having a drink and appeared to be having fun. They made many gestures for the camera – pursing their lips, sticking out their tongues, laughing and sipping their drinks.

However, the first snap showed the ‘Hot and Bothered’ actress sitting in front of a table with birthday treats. One plate was covered with “Happy Birthday Chrishell” while the cup of coffee featured pictures of her and her friends. In another slide, the Netflix star posed together.

The guest of honor described the event of the day in the following caption: “My birthday isn’t until Friday 21st but I’ll be in Japan 😍 💃🏽 so my friends surprised me with a little early celebration!” | I love you 🥹 🥹.”

Chrishell Stause was treated to an early birthday party by the Selling Sunset co-stars
Instagram | Chrishell Stause

She then sends a direct message to fans, urging them to embrace “getting older.” She added: “I’m here to tell you [to] hug it!! We only get one life and if you didn’t have a birthday…think of the alternative 😨 Birthdays are the best!”

Shortly after, Emma and Chelsea noted in the comments how much they loved and adored her. Meanwhile, her wife G Flip replied, “Well, aren’t you the cutest, hottest little snack?” Jason Oppenheim wrote: “Happy early birthday just in case I forget to call you on your day [actua] Birthday! (But I will remember!)”

“Happy almost birthday!!!!!! One of my favorite looks for you, effortless, clean, gorgeous. When can I borrow something lol? A fan shared. Another user typed: “Happy birthday my beauty to a fellow Cancerian. ♋ I hope it’s the best year yet.”

Ahead of her birthday, just as she was being showered with love, the All My Children actress did the same with her wife, who identifies as non-binary. During a question-and-answer session with her fans, Stause was asked about her wife’s qualities and was happy to answer.

When someone asked, “Favorite G traits?” She responded happily, saying, “Okay, these, too many to answer, but the most sincere, talented, loving person… loves my dog ​​more than anything in the whole world.”

Chrishell Stause was treated to an early birthday party by the Selling Sunset co-stars
Instagram | Chrishell Stause

Stause went on to list the “About Us” singer’s exceptional qualities in the caption above the clip. It read: “Hilarious – makes me laugh all the time. The most thoughtful person. Not a mean bone in her body. Human sexy sunshine.”

G Flip opens up about married life with wife Chrishell Stause

Stause and G Flip surprised the world when news of their romance broke last year, and while keeping their energy high, the lovebirds tied the knot at an impromptu wedding in Las Vegas. Earlier this month, The Blast revealed that G Flip bore a striking resemblance to her wife.

In an interview with The Project on Friday, they revealed that despite the obvious differences, the pair are remarkably similar. “We’re actually so much more alike than you think. I feel like she’s a little bit like that gorgeous Barbie aesthetically, and, you know, I’m always looking, but I’m looking,” G told Flip.

They added: “We just met. We just realized that we have so much in common. She is just great. She couldn’t join me on this trip but she does join me to some of the Aussie shows. And she likes front row seats in the mosh. She’s not on the side, you know?”

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