Church does not need to return tithe to repentant faithful – 04/14/2023 – Rogério Gentile

The Justice of São Paulo rejected the request made by a believer who wanted to recover R$ 50 thousand donated to the Assembly of God of the Kingdom of Heaven in Barra Bonita (SP).

In the lawsuit filed against the church, the believer, who lives in the interior of São Paulo, claimed to have made the donation after being coerced by the pastors. According to him, if he didn’t make the donation, he and his family would be “cursed”.

The donation was made in 2019, after he won a prize of BRL 500,000 in the draw for a capitalization bond called Hiper Saúde. The tithe, of R$ 50,000, was used to purchase land for the construction of a temple.

Months after the donation, the believer said he “came to his senses”. He declared in the process to have been the victim of a coup.

The church defended itself to Justice by stating that the donation was made spontaneously.

“He is a grown man, experienced and with great experience, currently 41 years old. The story does not retain the slightest credibility, as he made the donation because he understood that it was what his heart told him to do.”

He said that the believer only asked for a refund after having lost all the prize money in “bad” deals.

The believer lost in the first and second instances. In a decision published on March 28, Judge Pedro Baccarat, rapporteur for the case at the Court of Justice, declared that the believer was unable to prove that he was a victim of coercion. He said that mere regret is not a reason, according to the Civil Code, for the revocation of a donation.

The faithful can still appeal.

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