Circular economy island, a proven way to reduce violence, pairing seniors with young mothers


In today’s issue of Squirrel News, a Greek island embraces a circular economy, an American intervention programme helps reduce gun violence and a social-urban planning non-profit pairs young mothers with seniors in an effort to help with housing and ageing.

The Greek Island of Tilos fully adopts a circular economy

Recycling 86% of its waste, Tilos leads the country in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and keep the local environment clean.

Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation

Social-urban planning programme pairs seniors with young mothers

An Atlanta non-profit places young mothers together with seniors in an attempt to provide housing and ageing assistance.

Source: The Solutions Journalism Exchange

Navajo citizen-scientists document methane leaks to improve EPA data

Using commercial equipment, a group of Navajo activists are cataloguing the harmful emissions caused by the oil and gas industry. Now the EPA will use their findings to help draft environmental regulations.

Source: Yes Magazine

Bristol council estate to build England’s largest wind turbine

Residents of Bristol will benefit from a new wind turbine, which is both community-owned and predicted to bring in £100k a year for local projects.

Source: Positive News

Maine fishers are replacing lobsters with sustainable seaweed

As climate change increases risks for lobster farmers, locals turn to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable source of income – kelp.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Land-based aquaculture produces seafood without harming the environment

Scandinavian salmon farms supply fish while removing the harm done to the environment by traditional fishing.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Multi-year intervention programmes have been found to cut violence by up to 52%

A violence intervention programme run across various regions of the United States has been found to help reduce gun homicides, particularly when employing locals to run it.

Source: Next City

A non-profit uses alternative financing to keep housing prices down for Boise locals

Combining alternative construction methods and materials with innovative financing, LEAP, a Boise nonprofit, works to help locals afford housing and to keep property affordable.

Source: PEW

A new method of mangrove restoration developed in the state of Gujarat

A multi-stakeholder approach is guiding a massive Mangrove restoration project in Gujarat, which aims to apply new techniques to nearly 1200 square kilometres of territory.

Source: Mongabay

Farmers markets see a revival as consumers prefer organic produce

Consumer’s desire for locally sourced fruits, nuts and vegetables is driving the recent renaissance of the farmers market. Now, there are over 8000 farmers markets around the United States alone.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

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