City officials took part in breaking the fast

Around 15,000 Muslim citizens of Würzburg are currently celebrating the month of fasting, Ramadan. Ramadan is meant to commemorate the time when the Archangel Gabriel revealed the Koran to the Prophet Mohammed. The believers should have the opportunity during this time to deal intensively with their faith. The city of Würzburg also supports this form of religious practice, so representatives of the city administration gladly accepted an invitation from the five Muslim communities to break the fast one evening in the Ditib Mosque, according to a city press release from which the following information is taken.

Mayor Christian Schuchardt also took this opportunity to emphasize: “Our Muslim fellow citizens are celebrating Ramadan these weeks, it is a time of turning to God, a time of solidarity and humanity. I am very grateful for the invitation to break the fast in the Muslim community.” Also social officer. Hülya Düber and the other invited representatives of the city of Würzburg found the evening to be an important enrichment for the city of Würzburg as a whole.

Solidarity with the poor and vulnerable

Community and solidarity with the weak and the poor are also particularly important this month. “A lot of donations are being made during this time, everyone is donating to other souls and those in need, either locally or to aid organizations in other countries and regions, so that nobody has to go hungry. Those who don’t have any money get involved in other ways, for example helping to cook for the communal dinner,” reports Al Ahmad. J

Every evening after sunset, the parishioners meet in the mosque, no one is left alone, it is the month of cohesion and community. “It’s the best time of the year for all of us,” says Rola Issa, wife of Al Ahmad.

As soon as the crescent moon appears in the ninth month of the year after the new moon, Ramadan begins. This year it began on the evening of March 23 and ends on the evening of April 21, 2023. Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan with a special holiday, the “Sugar Festival”, “Eid Mubarak”. With the Sugar Festival, Muslims thank Allah for finding the strength for fasting and all the religious tasks associated with Ramadan, and for His forgiveness.


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