Claudia Roth collects the receipt

It wasn’t a good day for Claudia Roth. At the “Jewrovision Song Contest” in Frankfurt am Main, the largest dance and singing competition for Jewish teenagers in Europe, the Green Minister of State for Culture was greeted with whistles and boos from the audience. Many of the visitors have not forgotten their failure in the anti-Semitism scandal of the art show “documenta fifteen” last year and so they loudly vented their displeasure. Some held up placards, others shouted “Get off the stage!” or “You are not welcome here!”.

In the run-up to the international art exhibition in Kassel in the summer of 2022, Roth had for months dismissed warnings about the Indonesian artist collective “Ruangrupa” with reference to artistic freedom and offered a stage to those who hated Israel. Israeli artists, on the other hand, were not even invited.

Claudia Roth has to interrupt the greeting

The Indonesian anti-Semites depicted Jews as pigs and bloodthirsty vampires in the style of a striker. The anti-Semitic imagery of the National Socialists had to be covered after vehement public criticism, but to this day there have been no personal consequences for the Minister of State for Culture.

In any case, Roth hardly got a word on the Jewrovision stage. She even had to interrupt her greeting and packaged her reaction with the usual left-wing ideological phrases: “I accept the criticism because we are a strong, colorful and courageous democracy.”

Roth cuddles up with anti-Semites

Apparently only she understands Roth’s understanding of democracy; there is no other way to explain the long list of her scandals. The mood between her, the Jewish community in Germany and Israel is more than gloomy. Not only that Roth is said to have sympathy and closeness to the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel BDS movement, the Greens met in 2015, of all things, before the commemoration day of the liberation of Auschwitz, with a declared Holocaust denier in Iran.

Their trivializing attitude towards the Iranian mullah regime, which openly threatens to destroy the Jewish state and its people, is unforgivable and cannot be covered up with Roth’s notorious do-gooder clumsiness. The Jewish youth in Frankfurt am Main rightly refused the green politician the “Kosher stamp” she had hoped for with her appearance. Every action has its consequences and a Claudia Roth must finally learn this.

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