Clean environment becomes a human right, world’s largest underground cooling system, hi-tech fire detection


In today’s edition of Squirrel news, the UN recognise a clean environment as a human right, Parisians get the world’s largest underground cooling network, and Italy protects Sardinian forest with hi-tech fire sensors.

UN resolution makes a clean and healthy environment a human right

The new resolution invokes nations, businesses and other organisations to put more effort into sustainable development. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called the decision “historic.”

Source: AP News

Underground cooling network helps Paris to cope with heat waves

The 89 km chilling system uses pipes underneath the earth by injecting air with cool water from the river Seine. The network thus allows to reduce heat with lower carbon emissions and saves money on energy.

Source: Euronews

An Italian island will be protected from natural disasters with hi-tech fire sensors

The Sardinia region has suffered from numerous forest fires in 2021. Now authorities hope to prevent disasters by installing alarms on trees. This will allow for detecting fire before it spreads.

Source: Euronews

A new reform in the US makes sustainable energy affordable for all

US President Biden has found a way to take measures for climate protection despite the blockade in Congress. The most recent policy will connect low-income households to cheaper solar power.

Source: The Grist

How the repopulation of wild species can help the world cope with hunger

Preservation of endangered species can provide food and income for billions of people. A drastic amount of crops and other plants are maintained by wild animals and insects. Around 70 % of low-income populations depend on endangered trees.

Source: DW

The 20-minute neighbourhood: a concept for efficient community development

The idea of the 20-minute neighbourhood allows residents to reach all essential facilities within 20 minutes or less. Safe cycling paths, green public spaces, affordable housing and other benefits are also part of the concept.

Source: The Philadelphia Citizen

Australia’s right-wing electorates are voting for climate change

Historically conservative electorates in Australia have supported actions to drastically cut down carbon emissions and take action against climate change. The case shows how eco scepticism in politics can be overcome.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Former classroom teacher raises Over $1 million for her digital education community

With the lack of pay, Covid-19 crisis and a massive workforce shortage, teachers are the most burned-out employees in the US. Sharon McMahon decided to help education staff and attract public attention to the issue with a massive fundraising campaign.

Source: Good Good Good

A house made with sustainable materials stays 12 degrees cooler

This modern, eco-friendly home is constructed with mud, wood, stones and clay. Building a house from eco friendly materials allows to for fresher and cooler air and makes it 45% cheaper.

Source: The Better India

How nine women are helping save India’s mangroves – with foraging and eco-tours

In a Maharashtra town that once relied on fishing, a women’s collective found boat safaris and edible wild plants pay – and help protect the forest.

Source: The Guardian

Reasons to turn your own garden into a wildlife sanctuary

Private yards make up 16 percent of all US land. By planting diverse and non-native vegetation in a garden, wildlife species have a better chance to repopulate and be saved.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

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