Cléber Machado will be able to see the world outside the global bubble

I arrived at Globo in July 1997 and left in May 2022. So, it’s been 25 years working alongside Cleber Machado most of the time.

We made several finals of the Paulista Championship, Libertadores, big games of the Brazilian Championship, Pre-Olympic, futsal and several programs.

My rapport with him was great, because we’re from the same generation – passionate about football, cinema, music. We talked about it a lot and sometimes used football stories in broadcasts because we remembered the same moments together.

In fact, Cleber for me was the best narrator I’ve worked with after Galvão, and for years he was TV Globo’s second narrator.

We made a very successful trio at the 1998 World Cup in France. Me, Cleber and José Roberto Wright traveled through the country of the beautiful and talented sisters Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac, who died in a car accident in 1967, to make the games.

But Cleber started having problems similar to mine, which was starting to not be in big games anymore, even not going to the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar. That was a tremendous injustice, a lack of consideration and respect for a great professional who, in my opinion, always wore the shirt of Time Globo.

From time to time, the cards began to be marked, both to get out and to have more space.

Having a team is very different from working with “preferences”, which is different from having an affinity. As I said when I left, Globo’s profile of sport had changed, and the new management has every right to choose the style it wants from its professionals.

But the important thing is that Cleber will rediscover the size of the world outside the global bubble, and that’s not a criticism, it’s just a fact. Because the best company to work for, for years, was TV Globo, when everyone felt safe, welcomed, protected and confident to carry out their work.

I say this not only about the people who appear in the video, but also about the production, the technique, in short, about everyone who makes a football match air. Anyone who managed to work for many years at TV Globo, like me and Cleber, for example, has nothing to complain about.

It was always easy to comment games with him narrating and also when he commanded the great Arena SporTV, because the topics flowed naturally.

It’s impossible not to know almost everything about a person you’ve worked with for 25 years, going through moments of great emotion, some difficult and others very fun. It’s like a marriage, because we spent years working on Wednesdays and Sundays across Brazil, when we weren’t together on the programs.

During all these years we also participated in Globo’s year-end message and it was super funny. We used to joke like this: whoever wants to appear in the message needs to be next to the late Tarcísio Meira and the always beautiful Glória Menezes, because they were the main ones in all those years.

Finally: I have no doubts that Cleber Machado will be working again in a very short time. Who knows, maybe we’ll do a duo again here at UOL or elsewhere, as will happen this Saturday (25th) with me, Galvão and Tino in the transmission of the national team game.

Welcome to the world Cleber!

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