Climate activists win in court, free prescriptions of vegetables, mental health at the dentist

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, young activists in Montana win a landmark climate change lawsuit against their state, California patients receive fresh vegetables on prescription, and a dentist’s office has integrated a mental health check-up into its services.

‘Gamechanger’: judge rules in favor of young activists in US climate trial

Sixteen young plaintiffs had alleged the Montana state government had violated their right to a healthy environment and contributed to climate change by enacting pro-fossil fuel policies.

Source: The Guardian

Revolutionising medicine with free prescriptions of fresh vegetables

Amidst rising rates of preventable diseases like diabetes, initiatives across California seek to address the root causes by delivering free fresh produce to patients as well as providing cooking and nutrition classes.

Source: Mercury News

Bringing mental health into the dental office

Mental health is still a taboo topic among Asian Americans. A dental clinic in California integrates a mental health check-up into its patient intake form and provides in-house counseling services.

Source: MindSite News

Record number of heat pumps and solar panels installed in UK

More British households and businesses than ever have installed heat pumps and solar panels this year, with more than 120.000 solar panels and 21.000 pumps installed. Government subsidies are available to support these renewable energy upgrades.

Source: Sky News

The Afghan businesswomen working in secret

Largely prevented from working under the Taliban regime, women in Afghanistan have turned to home-based jobs and underground businesses including gyms, beauty salons and girls’ schools.

Source: Context

New York City recruits older lifeguards

Due to a shortage of lifeguards for New York’s public pools and despite a rigorous training programme, several seniors are among the new lifeguard recruits in the city.

Source: New York Times

Belgian company invents ultra-thin solan panels

Belgium-based company EnFoil has developed a one millimeter thick solar panel which can revolutionise the industry. The panels are lightweight, flexible and durable, and can be easily installed on surfaces like car or house roofs.

Source: Clean Energy Revolution

Discovering new places for solar power

Solar energy is making rapid progress in many countries, but in others there is opposition to large solar farms in the countryside. Therefore entrepreneurs find less obvious places like lakes, car parks and office windows to install solar panels.

Source: BBC

Kids bridge differences through online classroom exchange

The Empathy Across the USA programme helps diverse classrooms from around the US connect through an online platform and overcome prejudices together.

Source: Greater Good Magazine

Freeing workers from debt bondage brick by brick

Debt-bonded labour is still a significant issue in India. Former bonded labourers founded a small company in Tamil Nadu to help rescue, rehabilitate and empower others in that situation.

Source: Asia Democracy Chronicles

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