Co-buying real estate, cabs for people with disabilities, Gaza’s first women’s boxing club

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, friends escape renting by co-buying houses, Green Cab provides transportation for people with disabilities and Gaza’s first boxing club for women opens.

Co-buying helps people of color and those in low-income communities buy homes

Buying a house with someone you know is becoming an increasingly popular affordable route to get off the renting cycle and onto the property ladder.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful / Next City

Green Cab provides transportation for people with disabilities

The accessibility-friendly transport service arrives in Marietta, Ohio, providing an alternative method of transport for those with restricted mobility.

Source: WTAP

Gaza’s first boxing club for girls opens

The new facility gives girls the opportunity to practice their sport in a more suitable environment than beaches or rented spaces.

Source: The National

Sierra Leone’s president signs gender equality law

The new law has been hailed as a landmark in the campaign to see Sierra Leone become a more equal place for women.

Source: ABC News

Edinburgh encourages students to eat more plant-based meals

The Scottish capital has become the first in Europe to join the Plant-Based Treaty, encouraging its students to eat less meat.

Source: Scottish Daily Express

Artificial intelligence enhances indigenous language learning

A man with a desire to make Indigenous language learning more accessible and immersive is looking to AI for the solution.

Source: ICT

Firms develop new way to recycle water in California

Southern California’s businesses are implementing new and innovative ways to recycle water as they push through the drought.

Source: ABC 7

Bread made from beans improves health outcomes

Scientists in Reading are developing the bread as a suitable alternative for people who struggled with the usual ingredients of bread, without sacrificing taste and texture.

Source: The Guardian

Pakistani town known for gun trade turns to local library

The area has been transforming its gun-runner reputation into one of a place of information and knowledge.

Source: VOA

Forest therapy improves mental health

These people are using the calming properties of forests to provide people with a way to heal physically and mentally.

Source: BBC

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