Coalition committee: Scholz announces “big work”.

Status: 03/28/2023 7:19 p.m

Top politicians from the SPD, Greens and FDP continue to struggle for compromises on many controversial issues. Chancellor Scholz fueled expectations: the most important issues had been clarified, he said. The coalition committee will present a “big work piece”.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz sees great progress on the third day of the coalition committee’s deliberations. According to him, the SPD, Greens and FDP have clarified the most important issues. “There will be very, very good results here,” he said after meeting Kenya’s President William Ruto in the Chancellery.

“I am very, very confident that we will be able to produce a large piece of work,” promised the SPD politician. The “main questions” have been clarified. There are still many details that should fit into a good overall work. Scholz emphasized that the public would be surprised at what was in it. The coalition is tackling projects that had not previously been reported in the media.

“It will be worth it”

Scholz downplayed the length of the negotiations since Sunday evening. There have also been very long consultations in previous governments. It is now important that, as the fourth largest economy in the world, you do everything right. It is about accelerating the pace of decisions. “That’s why the effort makes sense. It will have been worth it,” he emphasized.

Scholz praised the good work done between the three parties. “It’s about the greatest modernization of an economy.” In the traffic light coalition, this debate also gives rise to the feeling “that it’s us who have to do it,” he said in view of the allegations by the opposition, for example, that the traffic light was hopelessly divided.

Bundle of issues

The traffic light coalition started its talks on Sunday evening, but interrupted it in the early afternoon on Monday because Scholz and several ministers traveled to Rotterdam for German-Dutch government consultations. The talks continued today – however, there is still no end in sight for the coalition committee.

The negotiations are primarily about more climate protection in the transport sector and faster construction of motorways. The coalition had also recently argued about the replacement of oil and gas heating systems and the financing and design of the planned basic child security.

Confidence in the SPD parliamentary group vice

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock spoke in the morning of a passionate but at the same time controversial debate. The SPD parliamentary group leader Matthias Miersch was hopeful: “It is important that we now clarify certain controversial issues so that we have a template for actually making the progress that is urgently needed in the parliamentary process,” he said in the ARD morning magazine. “I am very confident that the three partners will succeed today.”

Union faction leader Friedrich Merz attested to the traffic light coalition being unable to act in view of the talks lasting several days. “We obviously have a government crisis in Germany,” Merz said before a meeting of CDU/CSU MPs in Berlin.

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