Colagrossi rebuts criticism of changes in the Fiel Torcedor – 05/17/2023

Last Tuesday (16), Corinthians debuted the new system of its member-fan program amid a series of criticisms from members. Part of the complaints made on social networks was due to problems in migrating the members’ profiles to the new site.

A change in the purchased ticket points system, which favors those who pay more, also angered former holders of the cheapest Fiel Torcedor (FT) plan.

In an interview with the column, via a message exchange application, the superintendent of marketing, communication and innovation at Corinthians, José Colagrossi Neto, countered the criticism.

Before the change, Fiel Torcedor had an exclusive website for the program. Yesterday, this area started working on the Universo SCCP (USCCP) platform. The partners were instructed by e-mail to change their password to enter the new virtual environment.

In doing so, most were not identified as part of the program, unable to view their old score, used to ensure priority in purchasing tickets. It was as if they had stopped being members and needed to buy new plans, which had their prices announced on the screen. Monthly and annual fees have been increased in all sectors.

At the height of the complaints, in the afternoon, the supporters received a message from the FT stating that the data would soon be updated. “There is and will not be loss of points in this process,” the statement said.

According to Colagrossi, this occurred because data migration is not immediate. “It takes 24 hours to migrate. 48 hours to provide a safety margin. This is exactly why we launched the new plan with two weeks between games at Neo Química Arena. We also ask them, exhaustively, to update the USCCP. Without updating the USCCP, no it will work”, said the superintendent.

Advantage for those who pay more

Before the program was revamped, all members accumulated the same number of points per match.

The score defines who can buy tickets first. It is worth gold in the most competitive games.

Now, the Minha Vida plan (south and east sectors), the cheapest among those that entitle you to purchase tickets, offers 1.1 points per match. The score is 1.5 per game on My Story (East and West sectors), My Love (West with priority purchase regardless of score), and My Chair (Lower West with guaranteed ticket).

The new tuition prices are:

My Life: BRL 24.50.

My Story: R$60.

My Love: R$ 300.

My chair: from BRL 520.

Members of the cheapest plan see the change as a breach of the principle of valuing those who go to games more to benefit those who pay more in relation to the priority of acquiring tickets.

“We did not change the Minha Vida score. It remains the same. The change was to increase the score of the most expensive plans, from 1.1 to 1.5. Evidently because they pay much more”, stated Colagrossi.

The leader does not see any damage to the owners of the cheapest plan in relation to priority in the purchase of tickets.

“This does not impact Minha Vida users at all, as they are the only ones who buy tickets in the cheapest sectors of the arena, the North [local em que ficam as torcidas organizadas] and the South. The most expensive plans only buy the most expensive tickets. The cheapest plan has exclusivity in the cheapest sectors”, said the superintendent.

It is worth remembering that the Minha Vida plan also entitles you to the east sector. That is, if all tickets for the South area have been sold, the member of the cheapest plan has a disadvantage in the score per game in relation to the Minha História owners.

Until now, Minha Vida members have always been able to buy tickets in all sectors. Now they won’t be able to.

“My Vida didn’t normally buy West. We have this statistic. The amount of Minha Vida that bought West was negligible. Often it didn’t reach dozens of tickets. Only big games. Small games were practically zero, because the ticket is very expensive. The Minha Vida plan is a popular plan, for popular tickets”, declared the superintendent.

“We are focusing on the west on more expensive tickets. On Minha Cadeira, which we already have thousands of subscribers and which is only in the west. And this new plan, Meu Amor, which pays R$ 3,600 [por ano] and that pays the price of the ticket, which is to combat the exchange rate in big games”, completed the Corinthians executive.

The northern sector is not mentioned in the current plan announcement. According to Colagrossi, this happens because, at this moment, the organized ones still buy tickets directly from the club.

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