Colorado officializes 5th line beer, with passion fruit – 07/19/2023 – Full Glass

The bear broke down in the middle of winter. Colorado, from Ribeirão Preto (SP), brings good news to fans of its traditional beers, decorated with the famous bear: Kuyá, a session IPA with passion fruit, becomes the brand’s fifth fixed beer.

The beer was already being produced regularly at the factory. But despite getting into the team well, he only now earns his fixed contract. Lighter and more aromatic, the session IPA is a good starter beer for those who are not used to the bitterness of the root IPA. Kuyá has 4.3% alcohol and only 30 IBU (bitterness scale that can reach 70 in heavier IPAs).

“Research shows that the IPA is the second most consumed style in Brazil, behind only lager. As Kuyá is a session IPA, that is, less complex and easy to drink, it ended up perfectly joining the family to offer a variety of options to the consumer”, explains Fernanda Federico, director of marketing craft at Ambev.

Born in 1996, only ten years later Colorado started to bottle its beers, gaining markets, bars and emporiums across the country. And it has always been known for its four varieties, each one exploring a very Brazilian ingredient, a trademark of the brewery.

Thus, we had Cauim (lager with cassava), Appia (wheat with honey), Indica (India pale ale with brown sugar) and Demoiselle (porter with coffee). Even after being acquired by Ambev, the brewery continued to explore the universe of local styles and flavors, with the Brasil com S line, but always in seasonal labels.

Things started to change a little with the successful launch of Ribeirão Lager. The refreshing lager, with orange, in a way, displaced Cauim on the throne of lagers —Cauim is still manufactured, but its space has been reduced, let’s say.

Colorado’s fixed team now has Appia, Indica, Demoiselle, Ribeirão Lager and newcomer Kuyá.

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