Comment: That’s why HSV has to stick with Walter as a coach

The anger of the HSV fans, it is directed against him, especially in the social networks. Many supporters are demanding that coach Tim Walter be kicked out in order to give the team a new, decisive impetus. But that’s probably the wrong reflex.

It becomes a habit. A great victory for HSV is followed by great disappointment. Even the 4:3 in the derby against St. Pauli did not give coach Tim Walter’s team the confidence to put limited Magdeburgers in their place.

The 2:3 could have been the decisive setback in the fight for the first two places. In the social networks – of course – the people’s anger is boiling. Fans demand the coach’s head. Reflexive. actionist.

Walter’s work needs to be critically analyzed after the season

However, HSV would do well not to lose its head as is so often the case. Supporting Walter and showing internally the unity and determination that the players lacked on the pitch is the only way the season can possibly end well.

Of course, Walter’s high-handed manner is exhausting, but the players follow him and have been formed into a close-knit community by him. A community that makes too many mistakes, for which the coach is also responsible and which in any case requires a critical analysis after the season. But a community that could be irreparably weakened if it were to be torn apart now.

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