Constant priority for pedestrians, basic income for Dever’s homeless, cooling without air con

Pontevedra, Spain

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a Spanish city grants pedestrians constant priority, Denver provides $12,000 in direct payments to a group of unhoused people, and India’s lattice structures show how buildings can keep cool without air conditioning.

Spanish city raises itself out of decline through pedestrianization

This Spanish city near the Portuguese border has reinvented its design over the last two decades in order to focus on pedestrians.

Source: Euronews

Denver tests basic income through payments to homeless population

In Denver, 140 homeless individuals and families will receive 12,000 dollars as part of a study trying to find how Universal Basic Income might be able to limit homelessness.

Source: Denver Post

Ithaca, New York aims to be the first all-renewable energy powered US city

Ithaca in New York State has begun to work on an overhaul of its energy grid in a bid to fully embrace renewable energy by 2030. If successful, the program should cut carbon emissions by 400,000 tones.

Source: The Philadelphia Citizen

Equatorial Guinea abolishes capital punishment

The central African nation of Equatorial Guinea has moved forward with a ban on capital punishment. The amended law will come into force in 90 days.

Source: Africa News

New railway project spearheads Baltic transition away from Soviet past

The Rail Baltica project aims to connect the rail systems of the three Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with Poland. When completed, the Post-Soviet nations will be able to integrate into the European rail system.

Source: Euronews

Better and more equitable bus stops for the future

Los Angeles can learn a lot about bus stop development from urban planners around the world. From streamlining of bureaucratic processes to high-tech bus stops, numerous improvements can be made.

Source: Next City

Activists in bike-accident prone Bucharest look for solutions

Romania’s capital leads the EU in pedestrian deaths, but now an advocacy group called OPTAR aims to change that. They have successfully pushed for positive legislation in the past and now are pushing for expanded bicycle infrastructure.

Source: Next City

Ugandan farmers switch to organic fertilisers

The Marula Proteen company is leading Ugandan farmers in a transition away from chemical fertilisers. Using a special breed of maggot, the company can scale their production to meet the needs of the community.

Source: Africa News

How activists transform abandoned land to build food sovereignty

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, activists in Puerto Rico have turned abandoned land into a community garden. They say it could only be the beginning.

Source: Next City

India’s lattice buildings keep cool without air conditioning

For centuries, India’s architecture featured air-permeable lattice structures. As modern architects look for more sustainable ways to keep buildings cool, the approach is now making a comeback.

Source: BBC

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