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Controls in the district of Gifhorn: woman caught at 151 km/h

05/12/2023, 13:05

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In the district of Gifhorn, the police checked hundreds of vehicles (symbol photo).

In the district of Gifhorn, the police checked hundreds of vehicles (symbol photo).

Photo: Marius Becker / dpa

20 of the 500 drivers were faster than 100 kilometers per hour. A 29-year-old even drove faster than 150 km/h. That’s what she expects now.

The Gifhorn police checked the speed on several main roads in the district on Wednesday evening and on Thursday night. During the measurement in the southern, multi-lane area of ​​the federal highway 4 Gifhorn the officials recorded more than 500 vehicles within an hour. In 20 cases, the cars exceeded the maximum speed of 100 km/h. As a result, they were subjected to controls.

Around 6:50 p.m., the police caught a 29-year-old from the Gifhorner Südkreis with a speed of 151 tolerance deduction a fine of at least 320 euros, as well as two points and a one-month driving ban. During the night the through road was closed Rötgesbüttel supervised. The main focus was on heavy goods and delivery traffic, which also uses the B4 as a north-south connection at night.

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Extensive remorse did not help: fine of 700 euros for 33-year-olds

Around two o’clock the measuring device showed a speed of 119 for a Sprinter with a Braunschweig registration, with the permitted speed of 50. Although the 33-year-old delivery driver showed extensive remorse during the subsequent check, he still expects a fine of at least 700 euros, two points in the driving aptitude register and one three-month driving ban. Shortly after four o’clock, when rush hour started, another VW Touareg with a non-German registration drove into the measuring point. The measurement result: Tempo 89. To make matters worse, the seven-year-old daughter of the 29-year-old driver lay on the floor without any protection and asleep back seat of the vehicle. Since the young woman does not live in Germany, a security deposit of 600 euros was charged, which had to be paid on the spot.

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