Controversy about MPs is a tale of the vicar of Lira in which the Lula government fell – 03/29/2023

In other times, it was said that the year only started in Brazil after Carnival. The 2023 calendar is approaching Easter and Congress has not voted on anything relevant. Against this background marked by inactivity, the controversy over the rite of procedure for the provisional measures enters the chronicle of Brasília as a story by the vicar Arthur Lira in which the Lula government fell.

Lira rebels against the Constitution to question a rite that has been in force for two decades. In it, the provisional measures are masticated in joint committees before reaching the plenary sessions of the Chamber and the Senate. The House boss tried to maintain the abbreviated rite adopted in the pandemic. He didn’t. He went on to question deadlines and the parity of commissions. Rodrigo Pacheco went to Lula to inform that the Senate is not considering submitting to Lira’s whims.

The bad news is that Planalto gave in to Lira’s trickery. In a concession that will cost the government dearly, Lira was willing to vote in the old constitutional rite only vital provisional measures such as the one that remodeled the Esplanada dos Ministérios and those that recreated Bolsa Família and Minha Casa, Minha Vida. As for the others, the government will have to replace measures that have already entered into force at the time of publication with bills that, despite the urgency request, will be submitted to the mummies of Arthur Lira.

The good news is that an articulation has emerged in the Chamber to compose a party block that must oppose the part of the center controlled by Lira. It brings together MDB, PSD, Republicans, Podemos and PSC. Together, these subtitles bring together 142 deputies. It does not solve the weakness of the government’s political articulation. But it offers Planalto the opportunity to negotiate with different blackmailers.

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