Convicted sex offender Andrew Couch sentenced to 60 years in prison

Andrew Stephen Couch

Andrew Stephen Couch (Knoxville Police Department)

A Knoxville, Tennessee man convicted of producing child pornography, including the videotaped sexual abuse of a four-and-a-half-year-old girl who visited his home, has been sentenced to six decades in federal prison after trying to get out and it did not succeed in his guilty plea.

Andrew Stephen Couch, 37, learned of his punishment Thursday in the Tennessee East District courtroom from U.S. District Judge Katherine A. Crytzer, a person appointed by Trump in late 2020 who helped elect Judge Brett Kavanaugh through Senate confirmation hearings after his appointment to the Supreme Court. Krytzer sentenced Couch to 60 years — two consecutive 30-year terms — plus life supervised release.

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