Convinced of impunity, former judge Sergio Moro demoralizes the justice system – 04/14/2023

With each passing day, new tentacles of former judge Sergio Moro appear in the justice system, which until now have guaranteed his impunity, despite the complaints that have been mounting against him, since the Federal Supreme Court declared him incompetent and suspect to judge the processes of President Lula in the 13th Federal Court of Paraná, where he gained fame as the powerful boss of Operation Lava Jato and later was elected senator for União Brasil.

Today, columnist Lauro Jardim, from Globo, added another piece of data about this protection network woven throughout Moro’s career in the judiciary, in which the high point was arresting Lula during the 2018 campaign, before becoming Minister of Justice of Jair Bolsonaro, who won the election.

“Author of an arrest warrant against lawyer Rodrigo Tacla Duran, judge Marcelo Malucelli, from TRF-4, has a double connection with Sergio Moro through his son, lawyer João Eduardo Malucelli. The 28-year-old is a partner at the firm of the senator’s advocacy and, in addition, is the boyfriend of Júlia Wolff Moro, 22 years old, the eldest daughter of the former judge”, reported Jardim. So it’s all in the family.

Due to one of those strange coincidences in Moro’s life, Marcelo Malucelli was recently appointed judge of the TRF-4, the federal court that approved the sentences of the former judge in Lava Jato, and the case of Tacla Duran soon fell into his hands, what a beauty … It must have been really lucky.

In his defense, Moro released a note guaranteeing that he has been away, since February, from the office set up with Malucelli’s son, but admits that he remains in the membership as an associate.

Last month, in testimony by videoconference to Judge Eduardo Appio, Moro’s successor in Lava Jato, Tacla Duran denounced that he was the target of extortion attempts by people linked to the senator, at the time he was a lawyer for contractors in Operation Lava-Jato.

The complaint became criminal news against Moro, the federal deputy and former prosecutor of the Republic Deltan Dallagnol, the lawyer Carlos Zucolotto Júnior, Rosângela’s former partner in an office, and an advisor to the senator, Fábio Aguayo.

The case is pending at the STF, by decision of Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, who retired this week, but even so, Malucelli, very helpful, had him arrested. Before, Moro tried to take the process to the first instance, claiming that the facts reported are prior to his possession, giving up the privileged forum. In the STF, he knows, after suffering consecutive defeats, ministers are not very fans of his work as a judge.

Since the beginning of this imbroglio, Tacla Duran has lived in Madrid and remains free, while the STF, by decision of Justice Ricardo Lewandowski, analyzed the impasse involving the lawyer and Moro. In the meantime, Moro had already asked Interpol to arrest Duran, who refused to do so due to flaws in the process.

Experienced in the branch of denunciations and sentences given by conviction, Sergio Moro was convinced that he would remain unpunished until the reopening of the case by Judge Eduardo Appio. And his situation could get worse. Columnist Chico Alves, here at UOL, informs that Tacla Duran should return to Brazil next week to testify in person to Judge Appio, when she will be able to make new accusations, in addition to those made in March. For this, the lawyer only hopes that the STF revokes the new arrest warrant issued by Marcelo Malucelli, the father of his partner and his daughter’s boyfriend.

How long will the former judge continue to demoralize the Brazilian Judiciary, just as former captain Jair Bolsonaro demoralized the Armed Forces? The two, after all, as congresswoman Rosângela Moro once said, “are one”, inseparable.

Life goes on.

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