Corinthian archipelago is swept by the Argentinos Juniors team – 04/19/2023

Argentinos Juniors is far from having a great team, so much so that they are in eighth place in their league.

But it’s a team.

Corinthians does not have a team, but an archipelago: there are ten islands on the pitch, one far from the other, the first four far from the four in the middle which, in turn, also live separately from the two in front.

Result: the game had not even started, at 7 minutes, and after Fábio Santos, the ball hit the crossbar by Cássio, the captain of the archipelago.

Then Montiel passed by the slow Fagner and Balbuena, crossed, Gil found nothing and Fábio Santos let the short Cabrera make it 1-0 with his head.

Rarely do you see the entire defense miss a goal shot.

Fiel, even more cabrera, did not stop supporting, and only saw a few good individual moves.

The second half started as if the Argentines were in their own stadium Armando Diego Maradona.

Every time they had the ball it was a scare in crowded Itaquera.

Fernando Lázaro returned with Roni in place of the sweet blood Cantillo and with Romero in the place of Matheus Araújo, the boy who has a future as a point guard, but who could never start in such a game.

Argentinos Juniors, Corinthians and Independiente del Valle, in theory, compete for two spots.

Drawing at home with one of them could be fatal.

Losing, then, is not even mentioned.

And Corinthians not only lost but was largely dominated.

From the 60th minute onwards, at least, Corinthians began to press, following Fiel’s lead.

Giuliano even played well, but Yuri Alberto and Roger Guedes put in a lot of effort and produced little.

Defeated in the debut of the Copa do Brasil by Remo, from Series C, invincibility lost at home in 23 to the eighth placed in the Argentine Championship, already complicated in the two tournaments in which he could have had some illusion, Lázaro’s life becomes difficult.

Even for having removed Giuliano exactly for Paulinho to play, at 78.

Only at 84 did Corinthians almost draw, with Fausto Vera, but there was no law from the former because the ball scraped the post.

At 95 even Paulinho, with cinnamon, missed a goal.

And, let’s face it, expecting Romero to be a solution is like believing that the earth is flat.

It is not, as an archipelago is for the sea, not for grass.


“I miss when Corinthians played hard” intoned the stadium.

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