Corinthians loses direction after the political-institutional crisis – 02/05/2023

The bad performance against Independiente del Valle is not surprising.

For the first time in its history, Corinthians will have four different coaches in the first four games of the Brazilian Championship: Fernando Lázaro, Cuca, Danilo and Vanderlei Luxemburgo.

It has been 25 years since Luxemburgo did not play his first official game, as a debutant, with defeat. Since arriving at Corinthians, when he won Caldense’s pre-season friendly by 4 x 1, but lost the first four games, two of them against Palmeiras.

Afterwards, he was vice-champion of São Paulo and champion of São Paulo.

Vanderlei Luxemburgo is no longer the same coach he was in 1998 and Corinthians needs to assemble a new team.

The current one is totally unstructured, after the changes in technicians and philosophies, from Vítor Pereira to Fernando Lázaro, to two games with Cuca, then Vanderlei Luxemburgo and, above all, the political-institutional crisis in Parque São Jorge.

This word, crisis, is usually used by us journalists.

In this case, it is the precise entry.

Without leadership, with the expectation of finding a coach who is part of its history, but is not part of the present of Brazilian football.

Corinthians has to put the ball on the ground and start assembling a new team.

But with a marathon of games, little time for training, in 17th place in the Brazilian Championship, outside the Libertadores classification zone, with a confrontation against Atlético Mineiro for the Copa do Brasil.

The next Corinthians weeks are not encouraging. They worry a lot.

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