Corinthians only survives thanks to Cássio

Neo Química Arena full, a beautiful support party at the entrance of the clubs. The organized fans made a pact to support the team to reach the classification.

That’s exactly what should have been done, because the players have nothing to do with the bad choices made by President Duilio Monteiro Alves, much less with the horrendous story of Mr. Alexi Stival (Cuca), who was convicted in 1989 of involvement in the rape of a 13-year-old Swiss girl in 1987.

The pressure is very high, because in addition to these two, many people have lied since Thursday in an attempt to confuse public opinion in relation to this case.

Just to remember that Cuca said he was innocent, that he had not participated in anything, that the girl had not recognized him at the trial and that he was tried in absentia. All this was contradicted by the journalists’ reports.

With the ball rolling, Corinthians started flying. Right at the beginning, before the 2 minutes, Adson left at speed from right to left and scored a great goal, putting the team at an advantage. The environment worthy of the wonderful Corinthian fans and the team corresponding on the pitch.

In 6 minutes of play, the Corinthians team already imposed itself and showed Remo who would dictate the dynamics of the match. So much so that soon after, in a cross in the area, Róger Guedes went up and headed hard, but the ball exploded in the crossbar.

But that’s exactly what the players should do, because it’s a match between a Serie A giant and a Serie C team, and it was the team’s obligation to crush the opponent.

In 15 minutes of the game, the technical and physical difference between Corinthians and Rowing had already become clear. How desperate was the team from Pará, who couldn’t exchange two passes or pass the midfield.

The only player who thought well and tried something for Remo was the number 8, Pablo Roberto, but it is very little.

It was in the 23rd minute that, for the first time, Clube do Remo took danger in a cross and gave the Corinthian defense a bit of a scare.

Suddenly, the momentum passed. I didn’t see any harm in that at that moment, because I had a lot of time to score at least one more goal and take it to penalties.

And the wear and tear, it was clear that it would happen, due to the strong intensity that Corinthians put in from the beginning of the game.

When the ball was touched, Corinthians started to arrive, and Fausto Vera hit it well from the edge of the area and went very close.

With the rhythm dropping a little, Remo managed to touch the ball a little, more calmly, and even bothered with the aerial plays. But control remained with the Parque São Jorge team.

But, even against a much inferior team, Corinthians shows a lot of fragility in creation and aggression, making it clear once again how much Renato Augusto is needed.

At 40 minutes, and despite all the territorial dominance, Corinthians only took real danger in Adson’s goal and, soon after, with a header on the crossbar by Róger Guedes. After that, he only had game volume, but not aggression, and ended the first half missing some easy passes.

I don’t see the need to have Roni as a defensive midfielder against a team that can’t attack and doesn’t dominate the midfield. There is no need to have Roni in midfield as the opponent attacks very little and the team needs more creativity to reach the classification.

For Cuca to keep Roni playing against a team that doesn’t attack is absurd. He’s strong-willed, he scores well, he’s tough, but he plays a lot to the sides and misses a lot of passes. The ball goes slower with him, especially for a game where you have to win anyway, even more so with two goals from difference.

At 17 minutes, Roni left and Maycon entered. The second half was very bad, with crosses from far away and many horrible ones. Corinthians is a technically limited team and that is very clear. The crowd was angry, and with good reason.

Number 8 Pablo Roberto and number 10 Muriqui, from Remo, played better technically than all Corinthians players. Correct passes, ball control, but mainly with more football intelligence.

Until the 23rd minute, nothing important had happened offensively for Corinthians and the team from Pará still managed a good counterattack, winning a corner. But nothing happened.

Matheus Bidu entered to give more aggression on the left side, but missed all the crosses he tried to make.

While at Maracanã Flamengo did not stop scoring goals, at Neo Química Arena Corinthians did not create anything and needed to score two more.

At 28 minutes of the second half, Remo began to attack frequently, managing to stay longer in the attacking field, but time passed quickly.

The Corinthians game is very predictable in the moves, and Paulinho’s entry was to try to create something new, because the way it was until the 34th minute, nothing happened.

And the fans fulfilled what they promised, they only supported, even with the team playing very poorly and without creating anything.

There were 40 thousand Corinthians fans, fanatics, faithful, who went to Itaquera to suffer for the fragility of their favorite team.

A second half at the level of the Duilio Monteiro Alves team, which is largely responsible for all the failures of recent years.

We are in the 41st minute and, regardless of what happens, the performance of this team is already shameful. Remo is taking much more real danger than Corinthians at the very end of the game, and all that was left was to appeal to the shower to try something with Gil, who became a center forward.

But it is worth noting that goalkeeper Vinícius, from Remo, played a great, very safe game, especially in the aerial balls.

Remo showed experience, winning laterals and corners to pass the time.

And in one of these intersections in the area, Róger Guedes went up and scored the second goal, sweaty.

As I said, that doesn’t change the terrible second half he did. But the game ended up going to penalties.

I am relieved for the fans who love this team and who were there to support Corinthians, as they did all along. He never booed or protested, he just cheered and cheered with the goals.

And it even went to penalties!

A giant Serie A team failed to score three goals to qualify. And there in Maracanã, Flamengo was in the same situation and scored 8 x 2 in Maringá.

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