Corinthians played as well as ever, but lost as usual

Flamengo x Corinthians face to face, in a crowded Maracanã, and the two teams with many problems this season. The Gávea team lost everything they played, but showed that they were reacting in the hands of Argentine Jorge Sampaoli. Corinthians, on the other hand, has been sinking more and more and, unlike the Rio de Janeiro team, in the hands of Vanderlei Luxemburgo, lost five matches, drawing twice, and is in the relegation zone.

The game started slow, which surprised me, because I thought Flamengo would impose a strong intensity, as they did against Fluminense. On the other hand, the Parque São Jorge team seemed better positioned and more balanced on the field, as in 10 minutes they attacked more than in the entire game against Galo for the Copa do Brasil at Mineirão.

However, shortly afterwards, Flamengo’s attack turned against Corinthians’ defense, but the intensity was only with possession of the ball. With 20 minutes, possession was 78% for Flamengo and 22% for Corinthians. This possession made it difficult for Corinthians to attack, mainly because, when he stole the ball, he missed the pass right after.

But, at least, the counterattacks this time were armed, and they managed a very good one, with a quick pass made by Fausto Vera for the speed of Róger Guedes, who left it to Matheus Bidu to cross with danger. Flamengo did not put intensity into the game, and Corinthians grew and started to play better in the attack.

With 30 minutes of play, Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s team played better, attacking more and being more dangerous than the opponent. This was surprising, as the football presented last Wednesday against Galo was terrible, but not today. Flamengo was pressured, found difficulties in the match and was unable to create anything.

I didn’t understand this slowness of Sampaoli’s team, considering that the best game was against Fluminense, putting pressure and forcing defensive errors, but today he just observed. In that match, Corinthians’ tactics worked, as everyone came back to score, but also managed to leave at speed for the attack, creating the best goal chances.

Despite Flamengo keeping the ball longer, Corinthians were more aggressive. Only in the additions of the first half, the red-negro managed to put on a more intense and dangerous dynamic. This first half was Corinthians’ best performance not only in the Brazilian Championship, but also better than in the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil matches.

Now, Yuri Alberto is not helping Róger Guedes to attack the opponent. He could play more than he is playing. Flamengo is playing much less than in the last games against Bahia and Fluminense. He only accelerated at the very end and finished very little, with Pedro and Gabriel far from each other and the number 9 accepting Gil’s marking.

The second half continued in the same way, with Corinthians attacking more. In a great play by Paulinho, Yuri Alberto came face to face with goalkeeper Santos, but kicked over him. It was the first big chance of the game, and the number 9 wasted. Then Flamengo went on the attack, missed the pass, and Corinthians fitted in another good counterattack and almost scored.

Corinthians totally dominated the match, looking like they were playing at home in the best moments of the team. The question is: why did you play so badly and with cowardice against Atlético-MG? Couldn’t you play the same style of game as today?

It’s being a bombardment by the Corinthian team, with a great defense performance, mainly by Gil and Murilo. The defensive midfielder duo, Paulinho and Vera, are also doing very well in the game, as well as Adson and Róger Guedes. The entry of Everton Cebolinha gave more speed, aggressiveness, and in some moments he took advantage in the one against one with Bruno Méndez.

Sampaoli heard boos and howls of a donkey for removing Erick Pulgar and replacing Arturo Vidal, who so far has not played for Flamengo. When the Chilean midfielder enters the field, the Rio de Janeiro team is slower and more predictable, as most of the time he touches the ball to the side or backwards.

In my opinion, Flamengo was slow, without creativity, managed to put its dynamic into the match in a few moments and finished very little. Corinthians played their best game, scoring very well, but without giving up the attack. The most dangerous chances were for the São Paulo team, which was more aggressive, incisive and dominated in many moments of the match.

But as football is unpredictable, in a cross very well made by Everton Cebolinha, the great defender Léo Pereira scored with a header and gave Flamengo the victory. It was a very difficult game, but Flamengo managed to win and climbed to sixth place in the table, already entering the elite of the championship. While Corinthians, in its best match, lost and remains in the relegation zone, without winning with Vanderlei Luxemburgo, but at least the performance has improved.

I played for both teams and I know that in Maracanã, even if they don’t play so well, Flamengo never gives up, and if the opponent loses attention, they concede the goal, as happened this Sunday. Corinthians couldn’t get out of the relegation playbook in that game, which is to lose away and draw at home. Flamengo is reaching the top group of the table, starting to get stronger, but they didn’t play well even winning.

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