Corinthians plays little, wins a lot and loses Renato Augusto – 06/04/2023

The legendary Centenário stadium, the stage for Corinthians’ first international match, in 1951, when they thrashed a Uruguayan team 4-1, was empty because the opponent, Liverpool, was in eighth place in the Uruguayan Championship with three wins, three draws and three defeats , is far from popular.

Although there weren’t many Corinthians fans, according to PVC, present at the stadium, it was half and half, with more noise from Fiel.

Two South American teams with English names playing for the Libertadores is nothing new in the tournament that has River Plate, Racing and The Strongest.

Conditions given for Corinthians to impose themselves, something they did right away when they had a goal disallowed in the first minute, due to offside.

Winning was mandatory, because Argentinos Juniors and Independiente del Valle are another 500.

But, at 11 minutes, Renato Augusto, once again, alone, broke his knee.

Maycon replaced him.

The policy of millionaire, reckless and irresponsible signings of veterans, or those injured, like Luan, from Corinthians, was once again taking its toll.

The team felt it and stopped playing.

Only worse was the situation of Atlético Mineiro, who lost to Libertad, in the Mineirão.

Liverpool took advantage of the Corinthian shock and put pressure on the attack.

In the 30th minute, he kicked a foul committed by Balbuena into the crossbar.

The 0-0 was terrible for those who think about classification, it was a note of Alvinegro’s performance and very good under the circumstances because the Uruguayans deserved more.

It wasn’t until the 39th minute, with a shot by Vera from outside the area, that the Uruguayan goalkeeper had his work cut out for him.

And, at 45, as football is football, Fagner took a corner, Balbuena went up and opened the scoring.

The 1 to 0 was great for those who think about classification and even better for the poor performance of the alvinegro team.

Roni stayed in the locker room and Cantillo took his place in search of a minimum of dominance in midfield.

In the third minute of the second half, Fagner gave a precious pass to Roger Guedes to make it 2-0, establishing the obligatory difference between the two squads and surprising because the progress of the game was not for that.

Roger Guedes increased it after Vera stole the ball in the middle, gave it to Yuri Alberto and from him to Giuliano to pass to the top scorer: 3-0 at 62.

In the 78th minute, he hit the bar again, in another free kick, because São Jorge was on duty in Montevideo.

Corinthians leads the group because Argentinos Juniors only won 1-0 at home against Independiente del Valle.

Corinthians’ visit to the welcoming Uruguayan capital will be marked less by the victory and more by the new injury to Renato Augusto.

And for the certainty that he will have to play a lot more against Argentines and Ecuadorians if he wants to reach the round of 16.

But, of course, Galo did much worse, defeated, at home, by the Paraguayan Libertad by 1-0, goal by Gómez, at the beginning of the game.

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