Coronation of Charles: Onlookers flock to central London


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Charles’ coronation: onlookers flock to central London

Updated: 05/06/2023 09:02

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70 years after the Queen, Charles III takes over. the crown

70 years after the Queen, Charles III takes over. the crown

On Saturday King Charles III. crowned in London. While 8,000 guests squeezed into Westminister Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, only 2,000 guests are invited to the coronation of her son.

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This Saturday King Charles III. officially crowned. Read all the developments and news on our royal blog.

  • Today King Charles is officially crowned, the whole kingdom is upside down
  • On Saturday morning, hours before the coronation, onlookers flock to the center
  • Westminster Abbey opens to the coronation guests
  • Read the latest developments in the news blog here

London. Today, Saturday, the time has finally come: King Charles III. will be officially crowned as the rightful monarch of Great Britain after the death of the Queen in September. The preparations for the historic day have been going on for months.

The people of the UK are feverish coronation for a number of weeks: more than 3,000 street festivals have been announced across the country for the coronation weekend. And high-calibre guests will not miss the opportunity to be there on the big day at London’s Westminster Abbey, while a new era begins for the United Kingdom.

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Royal News May 6th: Westminster Abbey opens to guests of the coronation

9:00 a.m.: Several hours before the coronation of King Charles III. and Queen Camilla has them Westminster Abbey opened its doors to guests. The first participants entered the church in central London just after 8.30am. The most important guests, including heads of state and members of the royal family, were not due to arrive until around 11:30 a.m., with the royal couple arriving shortly before the service began at 12 p.m.

A total of more than 2300 guests from 203 countries are expected. Federal President Frank-Walte Steinmeier will represent Germany.

Numerous royal fans flock to central London

7.39 a.m.: Already hours before the beginning of the royal procession of King Charles III. and Queen Camilla are numerous onlookers poured into central London early Saturday morning. Hundreds of Royal fans had camped out along The Mall boulevard throughout the night to get good seats. She will take Charles and Camilla from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in the morning. Some die-hards have been there for days. Many wore hats, glasses and clothing in the colors of the British flag.

During the procession, which is scheduled to start at 11:20 a.m. at Buckingham Palace, the royal couple will be driven in the modern “Diamond Jubilee State Coach”. She is scheduled to arrive at the church at 11.53am where Charles and Camilla will then be crowned.

Charles and Camilla stay at Clarence House before the coronation

5.11 a.m.: King Charles III and Queen Camilla did not spend the night before their coronation at Buckingham Palace. The couple have together in Clarence House ate dinner, the official residence of the British heir to the throne, was reported from the palace on Saturday night. In the morning, Camilla and Charles wanted to return to their London City Palace and from there to Westminster Abbey, where they will be crowned at noon.

Clarence House next to St James’s Palace was built between 1825 and 1827 and is a few minutes walk from Buckingham Palace. Charles took over the building in 2003 after the death of his grandmother, the “Queen Mum”. It features numerous pieces from the King’s art collection. It is believed that Charles will stay there again and again, especially as Buckingham Palace continues to be renovated.

May 5th Royal News: The evening before the coronation: the first state guests arrive at Buckingham Palace

11 p.m.: Tomorrow is the big day of King Charles III and his wife Camilla. In addition to numerous royals, politicians and heads of state from all over the world come to the coronation in Westminster Abbey. The first guests have already arrived in the evening. Traffic jam in front of Buckingham Palace – headlines the BBC. Guests include First Lady Jill Biden and First Lady of Ukraine – Olena Zelenska. On the royal side, in addition to the British royals, there are the royal couples from Spain and the crown prince couple from Denmark.

Germany will be represented by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The most discussed in the media, however, is Prince Harry’s visit to the United Kingdom. According to consistent media reports, the son of King Charles III. arrived in London on Saturday. He is said to have then driven to Buckingham Palace in a car.

Charles and Camilla speak subway announcements

9:18 p.m.: It’s all about the coronation in the UK on Saturday – and it’s likely to be packed in London. To prevent accidents at train stations, announcements are made telling passengers to “mind the gap” between the train and the platform.

However, the normal announcements cannot be heard on this day. Rather, the king and his wife Camilla personally urge the travelers to be careful. They made extra announcements for this. These are set to be played on trains across the country and also on the London Underground over the Coronation weekend.

8:02 p.m.: Tomorrow King Charles III. crowned at Westminster Abbey. This is a special event for many people – but not for the venerable church. Because Charles is already the 40th king to go through the coronation ceremony in her. And not only that: more than 100 royals were buried there. You can read more about the checkered history of Westminster Abbey here.

On Coronation Day: “God Save The King” at the Liverpool game

6:56 p.m.: Liverpool play Brentford in the Premier League on Saturday. But the Royals don’t seem to be very popular with some Liverpool fans. At the last game they booed the British anthem and sang a derogatory song about the coronation. At the game on Saturday, “God Save The King” should still be heard in the stadium.

6:25 p.m.: Numerous fans are waiting for their King Charles III. But who is actually officially invited? Read here who is on the guest list for the coronation.

‘British weather’ forecast for Coronation Day

5:52 p.m.: What would a British coronation be without British weather? At least the day before, rain showers keep coming over the capital London. Rain at 16 degrees is also announced for the coronation day itself. The local fans don’t let that spoil their good mood.

5:05 p.m.: Congratulations from Germany reach the king: “King Charles III. inherits a great legacy. With his multi-faceted commitment, he will set visible signs,” said Hesse’s Prime Minister Boris Rhein (CDU), according to a statement. Rhein also wished the 74-year-old Charles “good decisions” and “that he can overcome distances with his humorous manner, bring people together and advocate for the interests of those who are rarely heard”.

Fans have been camping out in London for days ahead of the coronation

4:55 p.m.: Countless people have come to London over the past few days to be at the scene of the coronation. Some of them do without a hotel and camp in the city in order to secure the best places along the coronation route in advance.

4:16 p.m.: King Charles does not have time to prepare for the coming day. In the afternoon he meets with representatives of the Commonwealth at London’s Marlborough House. He warmly welcomed the Secretary General of the Confederation of Nations, Patricia Scotland. A charm offensive should also be appropriate, because some Commonwealth states are at odds with the British crown and do not want the future king as head of state.

4:03 p.m.: The forthcoming coronation is an exceptional event for the United Kingdom. It’s been 70 years since a monarch, or rather a monarch, was last crowned: in 1952, Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II, inherited her father’s throne. At the time, the ceremony was a media spectacle and was broadcast live around the world – an absolute exception at the time. Read here how the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II went.

The day before the coronation: King Charles greets the waiting people

3:49 p.m: On the afternoon before his coronation, King Charles III. close to the people: in London he steps in front of Buckingham Palace to greet the waiting crowd. Some of the people have traveled from far away to be there for the memorable event. A woman holds a sign that reads “USA loves King Charles!”. The king himself wears a blue suit with a pink tie.


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