Coronation of King Charles: Queen Consort Camilla now Queen?

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Is camilla queen now? Which means “Queen Consort”.

Updated: 05/05/2023 21:23

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King Charles III returns to London

King Charles III returns to London

King Charles III has returned to London from Scotland. In the evening, his recorded address to the British people will be broadcast on television. At noon, the bells rang in honor of the Queen in many places.

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A queen is not always a queen. Camilla is now allowed to use the title “Queen Consort” at the request of the Queen. That is its meaning.

  • King Charles will be crowned on May 6th
  • Camilla was awarded the title of Queen Consort before the Queen’s death
  • Will she officially become queen after the coronation?

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II. her son Charles is the new king. He is known as Charles III. take over the affairs of state. But what about his wife Camilla, whom he married in 2005 after his marriage to Princess Diana and who previously held the title Duchess of Cornwall? Is Camilla queen now? The answer to that is yes and no.

For a long time, Camilla had a difficult time with the British. She was considered a rival and rival of the extremely popular Diana, who Camilla once derided as a “Rottweiler.” When the British tabloid media published intimate details of Charles and Camilla’s relationship, her public reputation seemed ruined once and for all.

Queen honored Camilla with Queen Consort title

In the meantime, the British image of Camilla has changed fundamentally. The Duchess has a reputation for being approachable and humble. She also enjoys a lot of respect in the royal family. It was therefore only logical to make a decision this year.

She decided Camilla should be the title “Queen Consort” received, so king’s wife. This is her “sincere wish,” Elizabeth II announced on February 6, one day before her 70th jubilee. Camilla herself had previously stated that even after her husband’s accession to the throne, she only wanted to be a “princess consort”.

But what exactly does the title Queen Consort even mean? It is best translated with “king consort”. However, there is no fixed male equivalent in the British royal family. In the past, the titles “King Consort”, “Prince Consort” or simply “Prince” were found. The latter was given to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, by his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

Camilla barred from line of succession

The key point is that the Queen Consort is not on a par with the King, but is subordinate to him. She is a subject like everyone else, even if she is addressed as “Her Majesty”. As a Queen Consort, Camilla is also from the succession to the throne excluded. The first heir to the throne is now Prince William, Charles’ eldest son. The titles of the 40-year-old and his wife Kate have been extended: instead of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they are now the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

The places two to four in the line of succession are now occupied William’s children, nine-year-old Prince George, seven-year-old Princess Charlotte and four-year-old Prince Louis. Behind them is William’s younger brother Prince Harry, although he has left the front row with his wife Meghan and lives with her in California. Their two children, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, three, and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, one, are next in line to the throne.

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