Court Filings Reveal Ron Jeremy Accumulated $4 Million Fortune While Living “In Total Squalor” Before His Arrest

The saga of Ron Jeremy is a classic rise-and-fall story, with the former porn star and pop culture figure currently residing in a mental institution after being found to be incompetent to stand trial on numerous counts of sexual assault and other related charges he was facing. Before that, the 70-year-old Jeremy could have been sentenced to up to 300 years in prison. Now, new details of his financial assets show that Jeremy had amassed a small fortune in cash and real estate before his fall from grace.

Legal documents pertaining to Jeremy’s estate published by the Daily Mail show that Jeremy owns three condo units in a building on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, and another condo on Barham Blvd, a roughly ten-minute drive away, valued at a total of $3.4 million. The documents also show about $660,000 in cash spread across several different bank accounts.

David McNew/Getty Images

The news may come as a surprise to those familiar with Jeremy’s recent history. In 2021 he was reported to be living “in total squalor” in a condo, one of the units in the Franklin Avenue building. As one visitor told the Daily Mail:

“There was trash piled up, old porn memorabilia stuffed in overflowing boxes. His kitchen table looked like an unkempt outside porch, there were plants that had grown around the table legs and into the floor.”

All of the above assets are now under the control of Ellen Finkelberg, a financial professional who was selected as a temporary conservator by Jeremy’s sister in March and was later appointed to the position on a permanent basis.

Jeremy’s trial was suspended earlier this year in view of his mental decline, and he was committed to a state mental hospital at some point in the last few months. It is unlikely he will ever be released, and he is expected to live out his remaining years under the institution’s care.

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