Credit bureau: Apply for credit bureau information free of charge: Here’s how

If you have to prove your creditworthiness, you can use the Schufa report. This usually costs money, but can also be applied for free of charge.

You need a Schufa report from time to time, whether for the landlord when looking for a new apartment or for the bank when it comes to granting a loan. With the Schufa credit report, third parties can assume that you are creditworthy. As a rule, the information costs money. However, there is also the possibility to get them for free. You can find out how this works in the article.

Where can I get a free Schufa report?

Normally, a Schufa credit report costs money. According to Schufa, 29.95 euros are due for this. A free copy is also available. This is a data copy (according to Art. 15 GDPR) that can be requested on the Schufa website.

This letter contains all data that was stored by Schufa about a person. In order to receive the copy of the data, personal information such as name and address must be provided. In addition, a double-sided copy of the ID card or passport must be uploaded to the site. Data that is not needed, such as the photo, can be blacked out.

This document can be requested from the Schufa once a year. However, according to Schufa, it is only intended for personal use and not for third parties, such as landlords.

How can I apply for the Schufa report?

The chargeable and free Schufa information can be requested directly via the website. However, you can also find other providers online. The company warns on its website that people fall for service providers who charge money for the free Schufa information, i.e. the data copy.

These service providers would take money for applying for the letter and, according to Schufa, charge 29.95 euros for it. The data copy can be requested free of charge with just a few clicks.

By the way: Schufa has a new deadline for deleting the discharge of residual debt. It is also worth keeping in mind how long entries are stored at the Schufa.

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