Cristiane scores, and Santos defeats Inter in Vila for the women’s Brasileirão

Santos received Internacional this Sunday afternoon, in Vila Belmiro, and won by the score of 2 to 1. With a goal by Cristiane, Sereias da Vila added three more points and jumped to sixth place in the Brazilian women’s Championship.

Photo: Disclosure / Sereias da Vila / Gazeta Esportiva

The alvinegra team, now, reaches 17 points gained in the competition, surpassing São Paulo and equaling Palmeiras, fifth place. The Colorado team remains stagnant in fourth position.

The game also had free entry to the Vila, which received 3,152 fans. Santos seeks to remain among the eight best placed in the tournament, which qualify for the quarterfinals of the women’s Brasileirão. There are still six more rounds left for the end of the first phase.

Kleiton Lima’s team, however, is now focused on making its debut in the women’s Paulistão. The Mermaids go to the field this Wednesday, at 5 pm (Brasília time), to face Ska Brasil, in Santana de Parnaíba.

How was the game?

Wasting no time, the Sirens opened the scoring with 13 minutes of play. Brena applied a beautiful hat to her opponent and activated Ketlen on the right wing, which crossed over Cristiane’s head. The attacker went up to the fifth floor and completed with a header.

The advantage, however, did not last long. At 15, the Colorado team tied with Priscila. Ketlen almost put Peixe in the lead again at 18, but Internacional’s goalkeeper saved it.

After the return of the break, it was the turn of goalkeeper Camila, from Santos, to avoid Inter’s comeback. The archer was face to face with the rival attacker and made a beautiful defense at close range.

The Mermaids, however, were back in front of the marker at 24 of the final stage. Gi Fernandes launched Thaisinha inside the area, which rolled into the middle and saw Brena score for the net: 2 to 1. The team was close to extending the score at 39, when Ana Carla hit the crossbar with a free kick.

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