Cruzeiro x Fluminense referee justifies expulsion of the tricolor steering wheel André and cites punch in the VAR booth

Episode happened after marking a penalty in favor of the Minas Gerais team

Referee Flávio Rodrigues de Souza (Fifa/SP) explained in the summary of the match in which Fluminense won 2-0 over Cruzeiro the expulsion of defensive midfielder André. According to his report, the referee claims that he applied the red card directly to the number 7 shirt (after having given a yellow card for complaining) after hearing the words “You are a disgrace, that is a disgrace!” from the tricolor player.

The complaint came after Manoel scored a controversial penalty on Bruno Rodrigues. The referee also reported on the scoresheet that André punched the VAR booth when leaving the lawn.

“I also inform you that on leaving the field of play, I was informed by the fourth referee that the expelled player punched the acrylic protection of the VAR pole”.

The referee even wrote in his report that Cruzeiro fans threw glasses and ice cubes in the direction of the refereeing team.

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