‘Cuca is not an isolated fact; Corinthians is no longer the same’

Columnist Walter Casagrande stated in the Red card that the hiring of Cuca is not an isolated fact at Corinthians. The Parque São Jorge club, according to Casão, “is no longer the same”.

‘Corinthians are no longer the same’: “The episode’s package is quite large. We are closed on the most serious thing, the rape conviction, but things have been happening at Corinthians that make your hair stand on end, such as racism in council meetings, sexism and offenses against women by the same citizen, culminating in the hiring of a coach who was convicted of rape in 1987. Corinthians is no longer the same, the hiring of Cuca is not an isolated fact, the dirt has been going on for a long time”.

‘Cuca is being unmasked’: “Back in 1987, in 1989, there were no social networks, Twitter, the internet, information was difficult to reach, it didn’t run and didn’t stay. It was in the newspaper, on the radio or on TV, but the next day there was other news and you hardly would look for it. So lying at that time was easier, there was nowhere to look for it, but now things have changed. There is a horrible, bad side of the internet, but there is another one where you go there and look for the truth, today it is. Cuca is being unmasked with every lie he speaks”.

Casão: ‘Duilio is the worst president in the history of Corinthians’

Casão also said that Duilio Monteiro Alves became the worst president in the history of Corinthians by tarnishing the club’s history.

Duilio is the worst president in history, he doesn’t need to do anything else to be the worst. I’m outraged because this guy threw the history of Corinthians and Corinthian Democracy in the trash can. This hurts my soul, it’s not just hiring Cuca or racism on the board, it’s the history of our club.” Big house

‘Corinthians are at great risk of losing badly to Palmeiras’, says Casão

Casão assessed that the Cuca case puts Corinthians under more pressure for the classic against Palmeiras, next weekend, in the Brasileirão.

The risk of Corinthians losing badly to Palmeiras is great, despite the fact that the rivalry is the same, the disposition is the same, the classic is the same, except that Corinthians has never played a game against Palmeiras since 1910 in this situation. Corinthians is experiencing an unprecedented situation in world football: the Corinthians coach is convicted of rape.” Big house

Trajano: ‘Fluminense is a pleasure to see; Diniz is a candidate for selection’

Columnist José Trajano highlighted that the quality of Fernando Diniz’s work at Fluminense could raise him to the Brazilian national team.

It’s nice to see and he’s doing very well, he started well in Libertadores, in the Copa do Brasil, and he’s doing very well on all fronts. Diniz is managing to climb some important steps in his career and is a candidate to take over the national team.” Jose Trajano

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