Cuca’s fall is Brazil reacting – 04/27/2023

Cuca’s fall leaves lessons and shows a Brazil in the beginning of a healing process after so many years suffering from hatred and insensitivity.

It wasn’t the president of Corinthians, in fact the main person responsible for the absurd hiring of the coach, nor the players who embraced him, nor the coach of the women’s team who cowardly denied them, who caused Cuca’s short spell, which owes apologies to the women of the world.

It was society, journalistic work and respect for women’s causes that pushed him to the point of being forced to resign.

Never has a coach fallen after such a dramatic victory.

Because, repeat what was said by the journalist Marcelo Damato, “greater than the shame of hiring is the pride for the indignation of the Corinthians”.

Corinthian Democracy resists, survives with great difficulty, but still pulsates.

Brazil will never again be able to remain silent in the face of obscurantism, the cowardice of those who commit crimes and hide behind pathetic lies.

In October 2022, the country began to wake up from a nightmare.

It needs to stay awake and be able to light up again from north to south, from east to west.

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