Curb your enthusiasm could end (but most people didn’t know it was still on)

While many fans of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” lamented its possible cancellation, others were shocked to know it wasn’t over yet. Along with some fans who were shocked the show was still on, others exclaimed how it made them feel old.

“My old ass was in middle school when this show premiered,” said u/MovieGuyMike. “Crazy that it’s still going.” Additionally, some fans, like u/SputnikFace, believe the show should have ended earlier, like with Season 10. Others respected how long the series was able to go on, as in the most upvoted Comment by u/Yellow-eye demon.

“This show premieres October 15, 2000,” they posted. “It’s had a good run.” While some accept the end of the series, others hope that Curbed Your Enthusiasm will last even longer.

“Until Larry David comes out and says I’m not doing more seasons,” wrote u/disgruntled_joe, “I won’t believe it.”

Whether or not Hayman’s bittersweet tweet about “Curbed” is valid, it’s true that the show no longer has the impact it once had on American pop culture. David has maintained his prominence since 1989, when the first season of his seminal sitcom, Seinfeld, premiered, making it one of the most influential comics of all time in the eyes of many, but the same cannot be said of Curbed.”

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