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The armaments and technology group Rheinmetall was again the target of a cyber attack on Friday. A spokesman for the central and contact point for cybercrime (ZAC NRW) at the Cologne public prosecutor’s office confirmed that he had knowledge of an incident in the early evening. “We have started investigations,” said prosecutor Christoph Hebbecker of the dpa. The spokesman could not comment on the severity of the attack.

Several media had previously reported on the attack on Rheinmetall and some subsidiaries. The company had already been the target of a cyber attack at the beginning of March, but according to its own statements it survived this largely unscathed. Only the group website operated by an external service provider was temporarily unavailable.

Rheinmetall is Germany’s largest armaments group and was included in the Dax in March. According to its own statements, the company is one of the three largest manufacturers of military vehicles and ammunition in the western world. Rheinmetall currently has a stock market value of over 10 billion euros.

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