Dads preventing school violence, Greece on 100% green energy, red squirrels make comeback in the UK

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, dads in Louisiana prevent school violence through voluntary patrols, Greece has been powered by 100% renewables for the first time, and red squirrels are back in the UK.

Lousiana Dads prevent bullying and violence in schools

In the US city of Shreveport, 23 students were arrested after school fights. Now a group of volunteer fathers patrols the corridors and playgrounds to prevent violence and provide positive male role models.

Source: BBC

In Greece, renewable energies power 100% of demand

For the first time ever, green energy met all of Greece’s electricity needs last week. According to an expert, this major milestone “proves that a renewables-dominated electricity grid is within sight.”

Source: Euronews

Can positive ‘tipping points’ accelerate climate action?

As renewable energies are getting cheaper, plant-based foods taster, and electric vehicles more affordable, positive shifts could help prevent negative ‘tipping points.

Source: Context

ReefWatch’s reefs are literally supercharged

A solar panel, connected to the artificial reef’s metal frame, delivers solar electrical currents which allow reefs to self-repair and grow even where they were not present before.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Kenyans work for wildlife conservation through a mobile app

Released by the National Museums of Kenya, the app allows everyday citizens to report on the occurrences of the country’s wildlife and its habitats, which is tracked by wildlife authorities.

Source: Africa News

Homeless Portlanders support each other at a resource center

Focusing on the unhoused with mental illness or substance use, this center will put peer support at its heart with a real appreciation of lived experience.

Source: Next City

Community colleges offer new pathways for teacher training

Providing a more affordable and flexible college degree for teaching, these community colleges are enabling more people to pursue their passion for teaching and help plug the shortage in the workforce.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Architecture that dispels the myth of ‘reuse constraints creativity’

Demolition and rebuilding is not beneficial to the environment. These examples demonstrate how reusing existing buildings instead of destroying them can turn out for the better architecturally, cost-wise, and environmentally.

Source: Dezeen

Priestesses in Cuba stand up to oppressive male-dominated religious structures

Beginning with secret ordaining ceremonies, the priestesses of the Santeria religion are pushing back against the patriarchy by practicing in a male-dominated environment.

Source: Africa News

The prison-set play that is helping change laws

The Box, a play set in an unnamed prison, was credited as a contribution to helping pass the bill that ended the use of solitary confinement in California juvenile facilities.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

After years of effort, Red Squirrels make return to the UK

The declining species has had years of attempted revival efforts, including sanctuary habitats and the re-introduction of a beneficial predator. Now we could be seeing a positive return in their numbers.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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