Damage to property: Jacket thrown on the overhead line: ICE route closed

property damage
Jacket thrown on catenary: ICE route closed

The ICE high-speed route in Grabow in West Mecklenburg was blocked.  Photo: Bernd Wüstneck/dpa

The ICE high-speed route in Grabow in West Mecklenburg was blocked. photo

© Bernd Wüstneck/dpa

Young people allowed themselves life-threatening nonsense at the weekend. The throwing of a jacket and several stones on an overhead line has consequences – for the teenagers and the rail traffic.

The federal police are investigating young people who are said to have stopped train traffic on the ICE high-speed route in Grabow in West Mecklenburg yesterday. They are accused of dangerous intervention in rail traffic and property damage, as a spokesman for the federal police said in Rostock today.

The boys, aged 13 to 15, are said to have thrown a jacket from a bridge onto the high-voltage line of the Berlin-Hamburg railway line. “This is life-threatening nonsense,” said the police spokesman.

The line has a voltage of 15,000 volts and supplies the railway with traction current. A pantograph on a train between Berlin and Hamburg was blocked and the train stopped. The railway stopped running trains. In total, twelve trains were delayed by more than one and a half hours as a result of the incident.

When the jacket got caught, the children are said to have tried to throw it off the line with stones. Damage was caused to a weather shelter, among other things. The group was placed nearby and handed over to their guardians.


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