Dame Mary Quant Cause Of Death, What Happened To Her?

Who was Dame Barbara Mary Quant? 

Mary Quant, whose full name was Dame Barbara Mary Quant CH DBE FCSD RDI, was a renowned fashion designer and fashion icon from Britain. She played a vital role in the Mod and youth fashion movements of the 1960s in London and was a prominent figure in the Swinging Sixties culture of the city.

Mary Quant is credited as one of the designers who helped popularize miniskirts and hotpants in fashion. As Ernestine Carter wrote, only a fortunate few are born with the right talents, at the right time and in the right place, and in fashion history, there are three such figures: Chanel, Dior, and Mary Quant.


Dame Mary Quant Cause Of Death

On April 13, 2023, Dame Mary Quant, the iconic British fashion designer, passed away peacefully at her home in Surrey, UK. Although her family did not disclose the cause of her death, some reports suggest that it was due to natural causes related to her old age.

Her family confirmed the news in a statement to the PA news agency, in which they described her as “one of the most internationally recognized fashion designers of the 20th century and an outstanding innovator of the Swinging Sixties.”Mary Quant, the fashion designer who popularized the miniskirt, passed away at the age of 93.

What Happened To Mary Quant?

With heavy hearts, we mourn the loss of Dame Mary Quant, the iconic British designer who brought about a revolution in the world of fashion. At the age of 93, she passed away peacefully at home, leaving behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Known as the queen of Swinging Sixties fashion, Dame Mary challenged the status quo and broke free from the traditional clothing of the past. Her bold designs, such as the miniskirt and hot pants, not only transformed the fashion industry but also empowered young women to express themselves freely.

Despite facing criticism and backlash, Dame Mary continued to push boundaries, raising hemlines to daring heights and popularizing new styles like sack dresses and the bob haircut. Her innovative creations not only transformed the fashion industry but also became an emblem of the cultural shift of the time.

As we bid farewell to Dame Mary Quant, we remember her as a fearless trailblazer who forever changed the face of fashion and empowered women to embrace their individuality.

Fashion Career of Mary Quant 

Initially, Mary Quant sold clothing that she had sourced from wholesalers in her boutique named Bazaar, located on Kings Road. The more daring pieces in her collection caught the attention of media outlets such as Harper’s Bazaar, and an American manufacturer purchased some of her dress designs.

With the increased attention and her own love for these daring styles, Quant decided to start designing her own clothes. At first, she worked alone but soon began employing a few machinists, and by 1966, she was collaborating with a total of 18 manufacturers.

As a self-taught designer who drew inspiration from the culture-forward “Chelsea Set” of artists and socialites, Quant’s designs were more daring than the standard styles of the time. Her designs revolutionized fashion from the utilitarian wartime standard of the late 1940s to the energy of the 1950s and 1960s’ cultural shifts.

She offered her own original items in a variety of colors and patterns, such as colorful tights. Quant’s impact on fashion was not just due to her unique designs, but also her boutique’s special environment, complete with music, drinks, and long hours that appealed to young adults.

This environment was different from the stale department stores and inaccessible high-end designer store environments that had dominated the fashion market. Her window displays with models in quirky poses drew a lot of attention to her boutique, where people would often stop to stare at the eccentric displays. She once said that “Within 10 days, we hardly had a piece of the original merchandise left.”

Biography of Mary Quant 

Name  Barbara Mary Quant
DOB  11 February 1930
Place of birth  Woolwich, London, England
Died 13 April 2023 (aged 93)

Surrey, England

Other names Barbara Mary Plunket Greene
Education Goldsmiths College
Label Mary Quant
Spouse Alexander Plunket Greene – ​(m. 1957; died 1990)​
Children 1

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