Daniel Alves is accused of rape, not adultery. And the girl is the victim – 04/17/2023

Daniel Alves asked to give a new statement and his request was accepted by the justice of Catalonia.

Well, he presented the fourth version on the same story of the rape charge for which he has been imprisoned since January 20, and will remain until his trial date.

Let’s start with the following point: there is only one truth, not four.

This attempt by him to defend himself is perhaps the most absurd on his part, because he denied knowing the girl in the first version.

In the second, he said that he had oral sex, but that he had been grabbed by the girl and that he had unzipped his pants, while he was helpless, poor thing!

Now, he confirms the third version that penetrative sex really happened, and that it was consensual. The difference, however, was his explanation of his having omitted this in the former truths.

That’s where the total lack of sense comes in, and which reinforces lying, as the judge thinks _otherwise, she’d already be on the street.

Daniel Alves “guaranteed that initially he did not tell what had happened and denied sexual contact because his only priority was to save the marriage”.

Well then. He chose to be accused of rape rather than adultery. This doesn’t make any sense, because his version that he didn’t even know the girl was changed, by himself, in the second version.

A person accused of a crime he didn’t commit, particularly rape, will rant with indignation all the time. But, for Daniel Alves, it’s better to be known as a rapist and not a traitor.

His ex-wife was supportive until things came clear to her. When that happened, the marriage ended.

What needs to be clear is that Daniel Alves is not accused of treason, but of rape. World society has already understood this, and a part of ours needs to see clearly the seriousness of the situation.

At some point he will be judged, and on that day we will know whether he is guilty or not, and what the punishment will be. But you can’t keep using the benefit of the doubt for someone who has only lied so far.

He still tries to pass himself off as someone who wanted to protect his marriage and family. Daniel Alves has always been arrogant, and he thought that his more than 40 titles served as a guarantee to do whatever he wanted.

He never thought of anyone but himself. He lied to protect himself, not his marriage. All the versions he invented were to get rid of, not to preserve his ex-wife.

Despite everything leading to believe that the rape happened, and that the girl’s only version is true (not one of the four versions of Daniel Alves), we need to wait for the trial to establish her real guilt.

He is in prison because he contradicted himself in his statements and also because of the risk of flight. Because those who speak the truth do not contradict themselves.

The assessment of this case is very clear: Daniel Alves is accused of rape and the girl is the possible victim. You cannot reverse the order of things. The spoiled life is hers. It is she who is traumatized. She is the one who needs the help of mental health professionals.

It’s him? Well, he’s organizing a football championship at the prison. And, at Carnival, he was called attention because he drummed inside the cell.

This is Daniel Alves who, even in prison, does not lose his arrogance and debauchery.

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