DC’s Peacemaker teams up with a brand new character, Peacewrecker

Amanda Waller is playing for control of the DC Universe, as the Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths ending played a significant role in assembling a team of multiversal “heroes” to defeat its greatest heroes. Seeing the Justice League essentially defeat death, Waller formed a new group to ensure humanity’s survival. In the last issue of Dark Crisis, she enlisted the help of the mysterious Council of Light, who granted the former leader of Task Force X permission to completely exterminate metahumans across the world. To that end, Waller assembled a remarkable new squad.

Peacemaker, who was part of Waller’s latest iteration of Suicide Squad, is joined by new faces in the DC Universe. Dark Crisis revealed a Justice League-powered Batman/Superman combo hero as part of the team, as well as a giant cyborg character that looks like a robotic version of Bloodsport. Readers were also introduced to a variant of Peacemaker, as an unnamed female version of the anti-hero was featured in the epilogue of DC’s latest event. Now DC Comics is revealing the new character’s name as Peacewrecker stars in a new cover by Sean Izaakse for Green Arrow #3.

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