Dead City teases a walker so horribly that some fans might throw up

Despite all of Scott M. Gimple’s assurances that this is the most disgusting walker in the history of the series, we still don’t know what makes this particular zombie so much more disgusting than the others. Given all the missing limbs and mutilated body parts we’ve seen in previous episodes of the series, it’s very likely that this stray’s repulsive aura stems from some form of body horror.

It’s also possible that this walker is a unique horror, like the “variants” walker in Season 11 Episode 19 of The Walking Dead. The variant walkers we’ve encountered in the past are usually characterized by their unusually high intelligence, possibly due to some mutation or evolution within the horde that makes certain zombies even more powerful than their counterparts.

Since we already know these variant walkers exist, it stands to reason that there might also be another form of variant walker – possibly one with grotesque mutations or disgusting abilities unlike anything we’ve seen before, similar to that Bloater from the HBO series The Last of Us. Gimple certainly makes it sound like this walker is one of the most terrifying creatures we’ve ever seen on TV, and fans will no doubt be going wild as they ponder what this terrifying new walker might look like by then.

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