Defense Attorneys in YSL RICO Trial Accuse Judge of ‘Capping’

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YSL RICO’s trial remains in shambles after one attorney claims the judge is “capping” and another is nearly jailed for not buying lunch.

Young Thug and YSL’s RICO trial proves a must-watch amid the drama, delays and all-round chaos. April marks the fourth month of jury selection and so far the trial has dragged on as the jury pays little heed to their court duties. One juror stayed on the court for a lavish holiday, another was jailed for filming and one is said to have leaked information to news outlets. Now the defense attorneys appear to be appearing in the courtroom.

Defense Attorney Justin Hill was seen in court calling Judge Glanville a liar in the best possible Atlanta way.

“I was just saying it’s just not true,” Hill told the chief justice of the Fulton County Superior Court, Ural Glanville. “It’s a cap, to be honest.”

According to HNHH, professionalism went out the window again when attorneys Anastassios Manettas and Eric R. Johnson refused to shop for lunch for all of the case’s attorneys. Glanville ordered them to write a 17-page essay on “the importance of professionalism” and “being courteous to one’s opponents.”

“A 17-page paper on the importance of being professional in the legal field and being courteous to opponents. The paper is to be published in APA format and at least 10 primary and secondary sources of published quality,” the judge said. “28. April noon or you do 20 days,” revealed Glanville Johnson.

Attorneys in the YSL RICO trial are preparing for the longest case in county history while receiving minimal pay

Before the jury’s selection process in January, it was predicted that it would be the longest process in Fulton County’s history. Now with all the gimmicks added, it’s likely that the forecast wasn’t even close to what it predicted. Attorney Justin Hill reportedly signed the case for just over $7,000 and is now receiving $15,000. Even with double the salary, Hill claims he’d be better off in fast food as the process could take years.

“For at least a year of full-time work, that’s a lot less than minimum wage… To be honest, I could make more money working as a cashier at Chick-fil-A,” Hill told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A dedicated Netflix special is required by the end of this trial. When the introduction is so entertaining, the actual exam can be too much for anyone to fathom.

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