Defense simulated the moment Bolsonaro posted video

With many questions to be answered by the Federal Police, the defense of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) wanted to close the statement just by sharing the video of the coup acts of 1/8.

He was summoned to talk about this video that he posted in the early hours of the 10th to the 11th, which was a repost from a Mato Grosso attorney and questioned the victory of President Lula (PT). What did the lawyers agree? As the prosecutors mentioned many other things in addition to the video, such as the questions that Bolsonaro himself had asked about the electronic voting machines and not having acknowledged defeat, the lawyers said: ‘this created a very large spectrum of questions, we will have to prepare you to answer a lot. So, let’s agree that we’re just going to let him answer the police’s questions regarding this video he posted'”.

They were closed on this consensus to the Federal Police and there they warned the four investigators in advance: ‘our client will only respond to questions regarding the posted video'”.

For the allegation to have force, they took an “illustrative video” showing Bolsonaro’s supposedly unintentional sharing.

They even took an illustrative video. That is, they simulated the moment when Bolsonaro would have been wrong. They showed that Bolsonaro pressed the share button, several icons opened on the screen, he pressed the button twice and, when he saw it, the video was in the feed”.

Oyama: Valdemar’s PL struggles, but should be cornered in the 8/1 CPMI

The columnist detailed how the composition of the CPMI command of the 8/1 coup acts should be.

What I found out is that the intended formula is as follows: the CPMI presidency would go to the Senate, where the government has a majority; the report would be divided between the interests of the government and those of the President of the Chamber of Deputies Arthur Lira (PP-AL)”.

The most quoted name is that of federal deputy Arthur Maia (União Brasil-BA), who is from the government’s allied base party. At the same time, Arthur Maia says he belongs to the independent wing of União Brasil. This would be an exemplary profile of what is intended in this agreement: someone who would please Arthur Lira and be palatable to the government”.

Oyama also found out that, despite the president of the PL Valdemar Costa Neto making efforts to take command of the CPMI of the coup acts of 8/1, this should not happen.

There’s also Valdemar Costa Neto’s PL, who is struggling. Chances are very slim their argument appeals to tradition. It is tradition, they say, that the CPMI is chaired by a parliamentarian who represents the party that filed a request to open the CPI”.

The fact is that the PL does not command anything in the Senate and does not have a majority in the Chamber. It is more likely that the PL will be sidelined, despite the squeals of the president and the bench”

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