Degrees for homeless students, fighting racial profiling, guaranteed income pilots become policies

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we have homeless students being supported to achieve degrees, guaranteed income initiatives becoming state-level policies, and the EU agreeing to ban imports related to deforestation.

This school district is supporting students without homes to graduate

After years of struggle that many homeless students face, a degree can be daunting – if not impossible – to achieve. This educational district is changing that.

Source: Center for Public Integrity

Guaranteed income processes are establishing themselves as policies

After successful pilot schemes, the initiatives for guaranteed income have gathered enough momentum to develop into official policies.

Source: Next City

EU to stamp out imported deforestation-connected goods

The EU has agreed on a law that bans the import of goods connected to deforestation, such as coffee, beef, soy. It will require companies to show their supply chains are not contributing to the destruction of forests.

Source: Reuters

Cuban women allowed to compete in major boxing competitions

Cuban women boxers have been celebrating the recent decision by authorities to allow them to compete in professional boxing.

Source: Africa News

Lampposts charge up vehicles in Valencia

Alongside its mesmerizing architecture, the city in Spain has been implementing more strategies to become climate neutral by 2030.

Source: Euronews

Two Thai coconut businesses successfully achieve cruelty-free stamp

In an effort to curb the animal cruelty that many Thai coconut farms perpetuate, the government has begun awarding cruelty-free status to those that take action to prevent it.

Source: Asia News Network

Mini-forests’ sprouting up across UK in new movement

Another novel tactic to tackle the climate crisis is taking root in the UK – in the form of ‘mini-forests’ that see people planting their own plot of trees.

Source: positive news

Montreal 911 dispatchers are learning to tackle racial bias in emergency calls

First-of-its-kind training is underway in this department, in order to develop ways to reduce racial biases associated with calling 911.

Source: CBC

Project F’ launched in Boston to offer foster kids family through fitness

Launched by a local entrepreneur, this scheme seeks to improve the lives of many foster kids with family-like connections born through fitness.

Source: Daily Voice

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