‘Degrowth’ moving in from Europe’s policy fringes, study links autism to dysbiosis, new superconductor


In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re talking about degrowth and its new role in mainstream politics, a groundbreaking meta-analysis linking autism to gut dysbiosis, and a new material that might (or might not) be the ultimate room-temperature superconductor.

Degrowth is slowly creeping into our political arena

Is the principle of continuous economic growth really sustainable? Degrowth, the antithesis of green growth, is slowly gaining traction in the European political arena.


Groundbreaking study links autism to dysbiosis, opening doors for therapy

An international team of researchers has uncovered irrefutable evidence linking the gut microbiome to ASD, paving the way for therapies such as fecal transplants and probiotic supplementation.


Korean researchers claim to have created the ultimate superconductor

Korean scientists claim to have created a material that perfectly conducts electricity at room temperature and pressure. If true, the discovery could usher in all sorts of innovations, such as levitating vehicles.


UK: Basic Income scheme could save NHS tens of billions of pounds

A basic income scheme has the potential to save the National Health Service tens of billions of pounds, according to a new study carried out by academics at the University of York.

Health Europa

China: Movers use exoskeleton bodysuits to boost efficiency and prevent injury

And they are going viral all over the internet!

South China Morning Post

Japan: Nonprofit uses cinemas to address truancy and isolation

Ueda Children’s Cinema Club, a collaborative launched by three nonprofit organizations, is using the power of movies to educate children who refuse to attend school.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Nonprofit transforms superyacht into artificial reef

Formerly the world’s largest aluminum yacht, the 126-foot Palmer Johnson just got a beautiful second life as an artificial reef. Coral loves aluminum, so this is definitely good news!

Boat International

An African road trip … for Africans!

Edward Echwalu and Maureen Agena have embarked on a noble mission. They want to inspire more Africans to discover their continent – and they are calling for new visa procedures.

The Guardian

Seawilding’ a Scottish sea loch with oysters and seagrass

Loch Craignish in Scotland is being rewilded with native oysters and seagrass meadows – a unique project aimed at campaigning for marine conservation in a proactive way.


Fitness coach fosters inclusive wellness for fangirls

Not everyone likes to work out. But almost everyone has a favorite TV show, such as Hunger Games or Games of Thrones. Hm, how about linking the two activities?

Good Good Good

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