Deltan Dallagnol is in the lions’ den – 05/21/2023 – Angela Alonso

The pastor preached in a Baptist church: “Nehemiah acted. If we want to change the system, we need to pray, act and support measures against corruption”.

It was 2015, and Nehemiah went from Old Testament to sermon to justify advancing religion over politics. By walling the holy city of Jerusalem, he served two masters, the earthly state (he ruled Judea) and the divine kingdom. The one who set an example was Deltan Dallagnon, who was 35 years old and had a mission.

As the car wash mission was accomplished, it is prudent to pay attention to its prophecies.

The most recent came in reaction to the tweet worthy of biblical narratives, when the moralizer was caught short of morals. Legitimate or spurious, the impeachment gave him another pulpit, that of being persecuted.

Amidst signs reading “Political Persecution Is Not Justice,” he delivered his career-style speech, mixing the Bible and the Constitution.

Christian rhetoric has been his trump card in the short trajectory between the obscurity of Paraná and the luminosity of Brasília. Hence he equated his fate with that of Joseph and Daniel.

The first, sold by his brothers as a slave, allowed him to tune in to the great contemporary motto of the right, that of the primacy of freedom.

The second gave him the believer’s shirt, saved from unjust punishment by the power of faith. This is Daniel, accused of treason to the king by praying to God. The sovereign put the competing divinity to the test by locking the infidel in a den with lions. The rescue was by divine grace.

The accusers, on the other hand, tasted the earthly inclemency, devoured by the felines. A rematch message: Dallagnol is in the pit, but when he comes out, he’ll condemn his enemies to death.

Unlike Daniel, he goes on a train to revenge. The protest against his impeachment joined from 03 the flower-tiara-clad deputy, who voted against equal pay between genders and insinuated using a machine gun against Lula.

The act of reparation displayed an ark of the covenant, which the pastor called “the united right against arbitrariness”. It contains many sinners.

The moral crusade is to save a corrupted world from the expulsion from Paradise.

Religious examples and political actions are intertwined, rooting public morality in a private, religious type of morality. Claims the monopoly of honor and correction to his political church, since the opponents would all be corrupted.

Recent years have shown the political power of this moralizing rhetoric, which opposes the unpolluted and the polluted. It aroused nothing less than national passion. That’s why the “tombo”, word of the fallen, served to water the secular terrain of party politics with the values ​​of a sect.

Dallagnol, like Daniel, is going through an ordeal, but he promises to come back stronger, thanks to his faith in God and in the “344,000 silent voices”, those of the voters who supported him. Not in the Constitution.

The religious language of the opposition ended up in the mouth of the government, which should have been secular. The Minister of Justice came out with the gospel of Matthew: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied!”

By adopting the language of the enemy, one accepts the political debate on its terms. And one falls into the trap of talking more about morals than about the country’s problems.

The religiosization (pardon the neologism) of politics only interests one side. The right moves easily in this lexicon. And, basing his actions on holy quotations, he pursues politics on the terms of his old Messiah.

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