Denver’s Ink and Drink meshes t-shirt art studio into social club

DENVER — This Denver7 In Good Company feature business will get the creative juices flowing.

Ink and Drink is an art studio bar where you can design your own custom shirt and sip at the bar in the process. It’s a hidden gem in an unassuming alley of Denver’s Design District.

“It’s buzzin for sure,” Ink and Drink co-founder Galen Gassen said. “We got music going, people interacting with people they’ve never met before.”

He and co-founder Josh Kice came up with the concept, which just received its liquor license this year.

“The paint and sips have been incredibly successful,” Kice said. “So having that combination of creative and drink together works.”

It’s been popular with private events, birthday parties and date nights as a stress-free, ice-breaker activity.

“We recommend getting started at the bar,” Gassen said. “Get a drink in you, walk around, check out the designs. See the shirt options.”

They have several pre-set screens in their studio. Then, you get to pick the merchandise to match.

“We have t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies,” Kice said. “So, kind of the staples of screen printing wardrobe.

They also have tote bags, golf towels and bandanas.

Their instructors walk you through the process and help customers at each step, but you make it yourself and take home the finished product.

“We’re definitely dreaming big,” Gassen said. “There’s a lot of excitement around Ink and Drink. It’s a little bit of a reward. It’s fun. So, for people to pick their color, pick their shirt and kind of create something for their own wardrobe is really exciting.”

They also feature an artist of the month in their designs to support the local creative community.

Denver’s Ink and Drink blends T-shirt art studio with social club

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