Derek Hough had no idea how bad Len Goodman’s illness was

Over a month after Len Goodman’s death, his friend and former colleague Derek Hough revealed what he knew about Goodman’s health.

It’s no news that the ballroom dancer passed away just days before his 79th birthday after battling bone cancer. Before his death, he was a judge on the ABC show DWTS for over 16 years. Given his time on the show, the legendary choreographer and the other members were more like family. His friendship with Hough existed before they worked on the show.

However, Hough recently revealed that while Goodman was struggling with his health, other dance show cast members were little aware of the severity of the illness.

Derek Hough says he and other DWTS members were unaware Len Goodman was seriously ill

Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Derek Hough and Bruno Tonioli on Dancing with the Stars

Speaking to Extra, the 38-year-old professional dancer opened up emotionally about how shocking the news of Goodman’s illness was to him and the rest of the “DWTS” family.

“We felt its fragility, but we had no idea how great it was. “It was a huge shock to all of us,” Hough said. “He’s a special guy, just a special guy. We lost someone special.”

The three-time Primetime Emmy Award winner recalled his friendship with the late choreographer and highlighted what the late star meant to him. Praising Goodman, Hough said, “He was just pure joy. He was. I mean what he represented and did for this show, for television, for all of us.”

He also spoke about his experiences working with the former Strictly Come Dancing judge for over sixteen years. Hough explained, “I remember just enjoying every moment with him. And I’m so grateful for that.” Hough then expressed his desire to do something remarkable for his late pal. He said, “I want to do something to honor him and continue to do so.”

When Goodman died, Hough devoted himself a moving tribute to the star. Alongside a clip of him and Goodman laughing and dancing, Hough wrote, “Hold my gaze.” My heart breaks at the news of our dear friend and mentor, Len Goodman. It’s a grim morning here in Los Angeles, which seems appropriate after this heartbreaking news.”

He added, “But when I think back to the memories we shared with Len, his sense of humor, his smile and his charm, it all feels a lot brighter and full of sunshine.” It’s still hard, it to process fully, but I am filled with gratitude to have had the privilege of working alongside this absolute legend. We will miss you very much, Len. We love you ❤️ Rest in peace my friend.”

Derek Hough

Other DWTS members also paid tribute to the late 78-year-old, including Sharna Burgess and Carrie Ann Inaba.

The late DWTS judge seemingly predicted his death

While Goodman didn’t reveal details about his health to members of the reality competition, he appeared to have predicted it his downfall. During an interview months before his death, the English ballroom dancer revealed how his father died and compared himself to him.

“My father had the right idea. He loved gardening and suffered a stroke while outside in the garden. He was 79. So if I do my dad’s path, it will be next year.” The dance master spoke about his retirement from the dance show to spend more time with his wife Sue and grandchildren Alice and Jack.

Goodman then asked his interviewer to write a miniature obituary for him. He said: “Just write that he was a lucky dance teacher from Dartford because that’s pretty much the truth.”

This revelation made many fans wonder if the professional dancer already knew about his demise given his health condition. In 2009 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer which was treated surgically. He had previously spoken to a news agency about his health.

Len Goodman

The ballroom dancer said: “I don’t make a fuss about something like that. It’s like a car: you have it serviced but you still have a problem with the carburetor and you have to have it fixed and eventually the whole thing breaks and there you go. It’s more about the journey and mine was beautiful.”

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