Despite the divorce, Kim Zolciak is doing poorly

RHOA Alum Kim Zolciak is apparently doing poorly due to her divorce from Kroy Biermann. The mother of six has moved on with her life since the lawsuit was filed. Still, it wasn’t easy as both parties blamed each other. There is also the financial aspect. So what’s going on with Kim right now? A close friend has opened up about her current status. Read on for more details.

Despite the divorce, Kim Zolciak is doing poorly

From the moment they met, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann were head over heels in love. He ended up adopting her two daughters from previous relationships. They also had four children together. The couple landed their own spin-off, Don’t be late on Bravo and they lived their best life. Unfortunately, in 2022, it looked like her Georgia mansion was going to be foreclosed on. They were able to save it, but this year it happened again, and then Kim filed for divorce and demanded custody of the children.

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Then Kroy doubled down on asking for sole custody, plus he wanted their home. Things got more and more chaotic when she asked him to take a drug test and he asked Kim to have a psychiatric evaluation. He also accused his estranged wife of being addicted to gambling. Now she is with her again RHOA Girls and one commented on how Kim Zolciak is doing. Accordingly PeopleSheree Whitfield shared some insights into Kim WWHL with Andy Cohen.

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“I’ve been in contact with her and she’s not doing well. She is not feeling well. No, she takes it really badly,” Sheree shared. She also noted that the news of the split shocked her just as much as Cohen. “I thought about her and Kroy [were] will be forever. I’m really sad for her,” noted Whitfield, who said Kim is trying to heal. However, it is very difficult when something new seems to be happening every day.

Back on TV?

So what’s the status of Kim Zolciak’s return? RHOA? She snapped a photo with some of the cast and posted it on social media. Zolciak will be in one episode, but that’s all for now. Still, she has over a million dollars in debt to pay off. That’s why she sold expensive items from her closet, her hair, an MLM and more. Hopefully this all settles down so that she can be at peace and fully recover from this situation.

Do you think Kim Zolciak is doing poorly or is she ready to move on? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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