Destiny 2 Error Code Watercress, How to Fix the Error?

Destiny 2 

Destiny 2 is an online first-person shooter video game created by Bungie. Initially released as a pay-to-play game in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows, it later became a free-to-play title with the New Light release on October 1, 2019, and subsequent launches on Stadia in November 2019, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in December 2020. The game follows a games-as-a-service model. Activision was the game’s publisher until December 31, 2018, when Bungie acquired the franchise’s publishing rights. Destiny 2 is the sequel to 2014’s Destiny and its expansions.

Destiny 2 Error code Watercress

Since the start of the Season of the Worthy, there has been a noticeable rise in the occurrence of various error codes in Destiny 2, especially WATERCRESS on Xbox One. The WATERCRESS error code typically occurs when there are problems with the connection between Destiny 2 and the platform. As was previously noted, we tweeted on April 23 that PlayStation 4 players experienced a brief period of connectivity issues resulting in the WATERCRESS error code. However, it has been observed that Xbox players are encountering a higher frequency of WATERCRESS errors than usual, even though there have been no platform outages for Xbox.

At the start of the season, there was also an increase in the occurrence of the NEWT error code, which may appear alongside WATERCRESS, although not always. One potential cause of the NEWT error is a specific type of connectivity issue with the platform, suggesting that the two error codes may be related.

As previously mentioned on April 23, we understand the frustration that players are experiencing due to these issues, and we share that frustration. We are actively investigating the WATERCRESS issue and collaborating with Xbox Support to address it as quickly as possible. The development team has made progress in identifying potential causes of the error and is working on verifying them.

This thread will serve as the primary source of information for updates on the WATERCRESS error code. We will continue to update this thread as new information becomes available, so please check back regularly. You can easily identify when the thread has been updated by the change in the date in the title and at the top of the thread.

Why does Destiny 2 Error code watercress occur

It typically occurs when there are problems with the connection between Destiny 2 and the platform. Error code Watercress is a common issue experienced by players in Destiny 2, and it typically indicates a problem with the game’s servers. This error code can occur when there are connectivity issues between your device and the Destiny 2 servers, or when there is a server outage or maintenance.

According to the Destiny Player Support team’s post on, if there are any updates regarding server issues, they will create a new thread on the website. As community volunteers, they will do their best to keep everyone informed of any changes. It should be noted that they do not work for Bungie, but rather assist them in supporting the community.

Error code watercress in Destiny 2

The following is a timeline of the error codes that have occurred since the start of the Season of the Worthy:

• March 10 – Season of the Worthy launches. The Player Support Team begins seeing a rise in error code reports.
• March 11 – An investigation begins for the BEAVER error code.
• March 13 – An investigation begins for the ANTEATER and RABBIT error codes.
• March 18 – We begin seeing a rise in the WATERCRESS error code and send Destiny 2 account information to Xbox Support to further investigate.
• March 19 – We acknowledge[] that we’re investigating ANTEATER, BEAVER, and BEETLE errors.
• March 21 – We begin to investigate the WATERCRESS error code with the development teams.
• March 24 – Xbox players who had their sessions cleared return to say they are still receiving WATERCRESS. Knowing that clearing player sessions is not resolving the issue, we stop sending player information to Xbox Support.
• March 25 – An investigation begins for the WATERCRESS error code. Discussions to check-in with the development team’s investigations begin occurring daily.
• April 1 – An investigation begins for the BEETLE error code.
• April 1 – More resources are dedicated to the development teams assigned to investigate each error code. Updates are provided daily.
• April 2 – We add the WATERCRESS error to our Known Issues article[] and thread[].
• April 2 – We acknowledge[] the WATERCRESS and NEWT errors in our TWaB.
• April 5 – We inform[] players that deleting their character to test a theory won’t fix the WATERCRESS error.
• April 9 – We discuss[] the BEAVER error code while continuing to investigate WATERCRESS and other error codes.
• April 16 – We provide an update[] about the BEETLE error.
• April 17 – We send out two tweets (Tweet 1 and Tweet 2) to further acknowledge WATERCRESS and to give an update about the BEETLE error.
• April 23 – We acknowledge[] that we have dedicated teams working to resolve WATERCRESS and other error codes.
• April 23 – We create a dedicated section for Error Codes in our Player Support Report[].
• April 28 – We send player accounts who are blocked by WATERCRESS to Xbox Support to investigate again.
• April 30 – In our Player Support Report[], we announce that we’ll have more information next week.
• May 5 – We create this thread for WATERCRESS updates.
• May 5 – Xbox Support investigates our list of accounts affected and clears their sessions. Player Support begins noticing reports that players no longer hit this error code.
• May 6 – Bungie monitors reports and continues looking at our data to see if this is a temporary fix or not.

How to fix Destiny 2 Error code watercress?

People are been searching on the internet for How to Fix Destiny 2 Error code? and How to Fixed? Check out this section we have provided the general of watercress guide obtained from the official page.

Network Troubleshooting Guide

Players who are experiencing network connectivity issues that are affecting their ability to play Destiny can refer to the Network Troubleshooting Guide, which outlines recommended steps for resolving these issues. Additionally, the guide provides useful information and tips for optimizing network connections while playing Destiny.

Network Status: Check for Known or Planned Outages

Prior to proceeding with troubleshooting steps, it is recommended that players check for any known service outages that could potentially affect their ability to connect to Destiny.

Error Codes: Disconnected From Destiny

Whenever players experience disconnections from Destiny, they will receive an error code that can be used as a reference for searching for specific troubleshooting suggestions. Each error code indicates a different type of disconnection, and this information is used by impacted players, Bungie, and platform partners to identify the root cause of connectivity issues with the game.

Network Setup: Wifi v. Wired Connections

To play Destiny, a constant and stable internet connection is required as it is an online shared-world shooter. For optimal gameplay experience, Bungie recommends using a wired internet connection instead of WiFi, as the latter may result in signal strength and stability issues.

Common Issues: First Troubleshooting Steps

This section of the Network Troubleshooting Guide aims to assist players in resolving the most common network hardware problems that are reported, especially when they encounter difficulty connecting to Destiny.

Contact Bungie support

 If the above solutions do not resolve the issue, you may need to contact Bungie support for further assistance. They can help you troubleshoot the issue and provide additional solutions to fix the error. By following these steps, you can hopefully resolve the Destiny 2 Error code watercress and enjoy playing the game again

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