Devin Perkins Car Accident: 3 Killed and 2 Drivers Arrested

Who is Devin Perkins?

Devin Perkins is a 22-year-old individual involved in a notable car accident in Volusia County, Florida. While the available information does not provide extensive details about Devin Perkins, he gained attention due to his involvement in the tragic collision that resulted in the death of three passengers.

The circumstances surrounding the accident, legal charges, and subsequent proceedings have brought public attention to Devin Perkins.

Devin Perkins Car Accident

According to local Orlando news, an accident occurred involving a wrong-way driver and an Infiniti Q50 driven by a 22-year-old individual. Although authorities have not officially confirmed the identities of those involved, a friend stated that Ali’s boyfriend was the surviving driver.

Ali’s partner is identified as Devin Perkins, a 22-year-old resident of Florida. While Devin’s presence on Ali’s social media was limited, she was spotted wearing a snapback hat embroidered with his last name, which has become somewhat of his signature.


What Happened to Devin Perkins?

Devin Perkins, a 22-year-old man, was involved in a tragic car accident in Volusia County, Florida, that resulted in the death of his three passengers. The incident occurred when another driver, Thomas Petry, drove in the wrong direction and collided with Perkins’ vehicle. Both Perkins and Petry were arrested and face charges related to the crash.

According to Perkins’ charging affidavit, he was driving at a significantly excessive speed, exceeding the posted limit by 30-40 mph. Blood tests revealed the presence of alcohol and THC in his system at the time of the accident. During a court hearing, family members of one of the deceased victims, Alexandria Dulin, also known as Ali Spice, spoke, expressing their grief and seeking justice.

Perkins’ attorney argued that he lacked the financial means to meet the state’s bond request and emphasized that he was bedridden and not a flight risk. Despite the defense’s arguments, the judge granted Perkins a bond of $80,000, consisting of $25,000 for the homicide charges and $5,000 for the reckless driving charge. Perkins posted bail and was released from jail on Thursday evening. The case continues to unfold as legal proceedings progress.

Car Accident in Florida Involving Devin Perkins

In a notable car accident that occurred in Florida, a tragic incident unfolded involving Devin Perkins. Months after a tragic car accident in Florida, the District 7 State Attorney’s Office announced on Friday that arrests have been made in connection with the incident. The crash occurred on State Road 44 in Volusia County when a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, traveling in the wrong direction on eastbound SR-44, collided head-on with an Infiniti Q50.

The Infiniti had four occupants, three of whom tragically lost their lives at the scene. The driver of the Infiniti, identified as Devin Perkins, 22, sustained serious injuries, while a passenger in the Tacoma also suffered severe injuries. Surprisingly, the driver of the pickup truck, Thomas Petry, 54, had fled the scene and was later apprehended by law enforcement.

Following the accident, Florida Highway Patrol troopers and Volusia County deputies launched a search for Petry, who had initially evaded capture and sought refuge in the nearby tree line. Despite the assistance of a K-9 unit, the search proved unsuccessful initially.

However, Petry was eventually apprehended and taken into custody. Further details surrounding the circumstances of his arrest have not been disclosed at this time. The arrest of both drivers signifies a significant development in the case, as they now face charges in connection with the fatal wreck.

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