Diablo 3 Tier List 2023: Best Character Classes and Builds

Diablo 3 Wiki  

Diablo III is an action role-playing game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the third game in the Diablo series and was initially released in May 2012 for Microsoft Windows and OS X. It later became available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August 2014, and Nintendo Switch in November 2018. The game takes place 20 years after the events of Diablo II and allows players to choose from seven different character classes, including Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, or Wizard. The goal of the game is to defeat Diablo, the Lord of Terror, as in previous installments of the series. 

Diablo 3 Tier List 2023  

Tier Classes Build
S Crusader Aegis of Valor Heaven’s Fury Crusader
S Necromancer LoD Corpse Explosion Necromancer
S Witch Doctor Arachyr Corpse Spiders Witch Doctor
S Monk Inna Mystic Ally Monk
S Monk LoD Wave of Light Monk
S Demon Hunter Marauder Sentry Demon Hunter
A Demon Hunter Marauder Multishot Demon Hunter
A Necromancer Masquerade Bone Spear Necromancer
A Necromancer Rathma Army of the Dead Necromancer
A Barbarian Boulder Toss Raekor Barbarian
A Wizard LoD Hydra Wizard
A Necromancer LoD Singularity Mage Necromancer
A Necromancer LoD Poison Scythe Necromancer
A Witch Doctor Zunimassa Poison Dart Witch Doctor
A Barbarian Leap Quake Barbarian
A Barbarian Might of the Earth Seismic Slam Barbarian
A Wizard Typhon Hydra Wizard
A Wizard Vyr Archon Wizard
A Crusader Thorns Invoker Crusader
A Barbarian Horde of the Ninety Savages Frenzy Barbarian
B Witch Doctor LoD Poison Dart Witch Doctor
B Witch Doctor LoD Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor
B Crusader LoD Blessed Shield Crusader
B Monk Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk
B Monk Rainment Generator Monk
B Necromancer Pestilence Corpse Lance Necromancer
B Wizard DMO Frozen Orb Wizard
B Wizard Tal Rasha Meteor Wizard
B Monk Uliana Exploding Palm Monk
B Demon Hunter N6M4 Demon Hunter
B Demon Hunter GoD Bola Demon Hunter
B Crusader LoD Condemn Crusader
B Crusader Akkhan Condemn Crusader
B Barbarian Immortal Kings HotA Barbarian
B Barbarian LoN HotA Barbarian
B Demon Hunter LoD Rapid Fire Demon Hunter
B Demon Hunter Natalya Rapid Fire Demon Hunter
B Necromancer LoD Corpse Lance Necromancer
B Witch Doctor Jade Harvester Witch Doctor
B Necromancer LoD Thorns Necromancer
C Crusader Blessed Hammer Crusader
C Crusader Sweep Attack Crusader
C Wizard Lightning Archon Wizard
C Wizard Tal Rasha Frozen Orb Wizard
C Witch Doctor Zombie Bear Witch Doctor
C Barbarian Whirlwind Barbarian
C Demon Hunter Unhallowed Essence Multishot Demon Hunter
C Necromancer Rathma Bone Spirit Necromancer
C Necromancer Inarius Generator Necromancer
C Witch Doctor Gargantuan Witch Doctor

Diablo 3 Gameplay 

Diablo III is an action-packed, isometric action role-playing game that follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, Diablo and Diablo II. Players must take on the role of a heroic character in order to save the world of Sanctuary from the forces of Hell. As with traditional RPGs, players can choose a character class, level up, and acquire equipment to increase their power. The quality and attributes of equipment are randomized, with higher-quality items providing additional bonuses such as increased damage, attribute boosts, or extra sockets for gems. Magic, rare, and legendary items have increasing degrees of randomness and more properties, with set items providing additional bonuses if multiple pieces are equipped. Higher-level monsters tend to drop better equipment with higher stats and bonuses.

The game uses a custom 3D engine with destructible environments and in-game physics. Multiplayer games are available through Blizzard’s Battle.net service, and players can drop in and out of co-operative sessions. Diablo III also features an enhanced quest system, random level and encounter generators, and health orbs that drop from enemies to replace the need for a potion bar. Skill runes are a new feature that modifies skills as the player levels up, providing options for enhancing and changing gameplay. Players can assign skills to quick bar buttons, with mouse buttons still being used for specific attacks. Diablo III requires a constant internet connection due to DRM policies, even for single-player games. 

Diablo 3 Plot 

The events of the game take place in Sanctuary, a dark fantasy world, twenty years after the story of Diablo II. Deckard Cain and his ward Leah are investigating a prophecy in Tristram Cathedral when a mysterious star falls from the sky and creates a deep crater, causing Cain to disappear. The player’s character, the Nephalem, arrives in New Tristram to investigate and helps rescue Cain, discovering that they must defeat the Skeleton King to access the fallen star. Along the way, they encounter various characters and battle against demons in service to the Lords of Hell.

The Nephalem and their allies eventually reach the city of Caldeum, where they track down and defeat Maghda, a servant of Belial, the Lord of Lies. They also rescue Leah’s mother, Adria, and travel to Bastion’s Keep to fight against Azmodan’s army. After defeating Azmodan, they discover that Adria has been serving Diablo and has used the Black Soulstone to resurrect him. Diablo becomes the Prime Evil and attacks the High Heavens.

The Nephalem and Tyrael arrive in the High Heavens to find it already under attack. They meet various Aspects, including Auriel and Itherael, who guide them in their mission to close the Hell Rifts and stop Diablo from reaching the Crystal Arch. Despite facing opposition from Imperius and Izual, they ultimately defeat Diablo and his physical form is destroyed. Tyrael decides to become the Aspect of Wisdom and work towards uniting angels and humans. The game ends with the Black Soulstone falling from the High Heavens, still intact.

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